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    Can something be done and chased up regarding the lack of accessibility to cross server events, it is impacting on gameplay and after investing money into the game is leaving players feeling that they have sunk money into a non-functioning game and the sense of consumer rights being violated

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    Yes, i agree. Especially as the participation in Grand Battlefield is a necessary achievement which can´t be completed atm. Whe will the cross server events be possible to join. What does 6 marshals required mean btw?

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    Yes, of course, thanks for your request!
    We will try to negotiate with the developers so that the process of working on cross-server battles goes faster.

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    still not working and still waiting for a reply we can use!!! noone said this was a beta game but it is.. you gy dont even have cross server events up and runing do you.. even u atvitice u have…

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    Event Grand Battlefield:
    The event is common to all servers. There are 3 regions on the map that will fight each other. For each region must be recruited 6 marshals →players (In total, 18 players).

    Participants who have been registered in an event will be randomly distributed between 3 regions.

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    on server 6 we dont even have states wars

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    on server 6 we dont even have states wars

    they should come up as soon as you pass lvl 80. But you are correct its a beta game and developpers refuse to fix things, hence they even offered me to compensate when i quit this game and play one of the other games…

    Ancient war is where this is a copy from, and there we are waiting over a year for getting championship, artifacts, kingdom lvl7 build and a lot more. I even have no clue why they opened a forum if there is no intention to fix severe bugs in the game.

    Even replacing the button at the bottom right is to much work for them, so like 10 times a day you get thrown out the game becouse you click it by accident.

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