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NEW SERVERS – “S29: Varimathras” and “S29: Schlayos”

Forums League of Angels 3 News NEW SERVERS – “S29: Varimathras” and “S29: Schlayos”

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    Minions of the Dragon King resurrected their merciless leader Ballerian! Desperate, the Angels opened a portal to the past so that great warriors could make a dangerous journey to collect twelve artifacts that would help stop the bloodthirsty tyrant.

    League of Angels do not survive in this fight without your support!

    Veterans of past wars are already fighting on the servers – “S29: Varimathras” and “S29: Schlayos”, but their forces are not unlimited, so hurry to help you. Responded to the call of the Angels, waiting for exciting adventures, new acquaintances and endless battles between the forces of Light and Darkness.

    Go back in time to save the future of Elysium!

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    Hello gm recently I recharge for 9.99 but never receive any topaz and reward in game. I already submit ticket but no-one answer yet please look into my account. DragonKing s27 Targeros debit card for 9.99. I attach proof that my bank was successfully charge but I never receive the topaz in game. If you can’t solve it then I will have to ask my bank for distribute please response asap before reset on Aug 1 the I don’t want to miss event

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    Good day.

    We are already working on solving the problem with the receipt of payments into the game. Please wait.

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    Good day.

    Technical experts reported that in-game currency has begun to enter the game.

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