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New Artifact+ Powerful DEF Charm – Shield of the Wise

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    The New Artifact+ DEF Charm – Shield of the Wise has arrived; it can be obtained by participating in the X-Server Roulette from 14 September to 16 September. Unlock it to increase your BR!


    Event Time: 14 September to 16 September

    Entrance: X-Server Roulette

    >>New DEF Charm – Shield of the Wise


    Shield of the Wise is a relic that has been blessed by Moira. It can increase the wearer’s damage reduction by 20%. When attacked, there is a 22% chance to take no damage. The wearer will be revived as a wight if killed in battle, restores 100% HP and gains 50% damage dealt.


    >> Event Rules:

    1. The X-Server Roulette is divided into the Normal Roulette and the Elite Roulette types. Joining the Normal Roulette costs Roulette Tickets. Joining the Elite Roulette costs Topaz.


    2. Bets can be made in the Elite Roulette. The bets are divided into red/black bet and number bet types. You can make red/black and number bet at the same time.

    3.Red/black bets and number bets both require Elite Tokens. Every spin costs a bet token.

    4. You will get a fair amount of Elite Tokens when you win a red/black bet. You will get a Super Gift when you win a number bet.

    5. Every spin at the Normal Roulette and the Elite Roulette grants roulette points. Get a certain number of roulette points to get a reward. When the event is over, you will get a ranking reward based upon the number of points you got.


    6. Spend 50 Elite Tokens to bet on red or black. Win to get Triple Elite Tokens

    7. Spend 150 Elite Tokens to bet on a number. Win to get all of the Super Gift’s Elite Tokens

    >> Tips:

    1. Super Prize require at least 15000points, if you want to get the gold voucher, please make sure you have reached enough points


    2. The Gold voucher will not be deleted; you can save it to get great rewards next time if you don’t have enough Gold Voucher this time.


    Please note that the above contents might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

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    Hello Admin
    Im concerned about the Flash support will be ended on Dec 31,2020 so How can i continue to play on this platform is there a link to download platform to play because the Gtargate have their own platform but I cannot transfer my account from this to their sv please help

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    please don’t worry about the issue.
    Also we are about to develop a special web-client that will allow you to run flash-based games.

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