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    This game seems to be lacking many things, beside active players. Too many things are left to “By Guess and By Gosh”. What is needed to promote a hero to 2 stars? Where and when do Artifacts drop? I have shards and beryls up the wazoo but no artifacts to use them on. Any instructions are way too vague to be of any use to the few people that are still playing.

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    Promote hero to 2 stars:
    Go to hero icon and then Enhance tab. Use Enhancement Lolite on the enhance tab. At enhance Rank 10 you can upgrade your hero level up to level 60 and they will also be 2 star. Every 5 ranks on the Enhance tab it seems your star level goes up as well as being able to raise your hero level.

    Go to the hero icon and then to the Artifacts tab. You can use your shards and beryls there.

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      That is a problem. ! have 1500+ shards and 75+ Beryls but NO ARTIFACTS. I cant use the shards and beryls without the artifacts to use them on (How can I improve something I Don’t have)?

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    Are you using any SSR or UR generals? They are the only ones that have access to the artifacts, lower gens do not.

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      Full team is SSR, all at lvl 40, me at lvl 59. Working on promoting to 2 star, but Promote material hard to get, like so many other items in this game

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    I’d post in the technical forum and ask for help. Sounds like you should have the Artifacts. Sorry I can’t help

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    Artefacts DONT drop. The heroes already have them, you just need to activate them using artefact shards. In the artefact tab in the hero page, hover over one of the greyed out orbs and a pop up will show you how many artefact shards you need to activate that one orb. once all orbs activated to same level, press the upgrade button and the artefact will up a level.

    Hope that helps?

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