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Merge Server January 21th

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    Greeting Heroes,

    Good news for everyone!

    Technical work on merging servers successfully completed, the game is again available.

    S1-S3 was merged together.
    S4-S9 was merged together.

    To help with potential name conflicts, we are removed unused characters.

    Thank you for your support!

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    nameless DM S3

    after merge i lost “god of heroes” title for being top 10 in ladder, and i claimed that title like few hours before maintenance, i would like to get it back

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    When did you get that title?

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    nameless DM S3

    today in the morning (morning for me, server time was about 0:30-1:00 am) after i claimed weekly reward from ladder in mail, i ended up being 4th place and by that i got extend to my “god of heroes” title by 1 more week

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      Try to create create a ticket into support, please. Specialists had to fix that problem

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