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    ★ James ★

    Heroes, Dark Genesis Team is looking for active volunteers who would like to take part in supporting other players and whole community. If the game mechanisms are well-known for you, you’re always ready to help anyone and try your best in improving the community life — then we do need you!

    What’s to do as a GM?

    — Help other players by answering their questions;
    — Collect feedback and related opinions in the community;
    — Report all critical problems and game bugs in time;
    — Some other little duties for maintaining the community.


    — 18+ y.o only;
    — Fluency in English (while knowledge of Russian, German or French is a good plus);
    — You’re online at least once a day for several hours;
    — You’re responsible, fair and diplomatic person;
    — You have a quite good experience in playing Dark Genesis;
    — Telegram messenger is used for communication with management, so please install it.

    If you have took an interest in GM position, then please fill in the following form and post it here:

    — Your name and age;
    — In-game nickname, server, and level;
    — Your country and timezone (for example: Germany, GMT+2);
    — How much time could you spend for game and related GM work?
    — Why do you want to apply for GM position? Just a couple of words about it;
    — Tell just a little about yourself;
    — Your username in Telegram messenger (such as @username).

    Note: as we highly appreciate qualified and well-done work, your efforts shall be rewarded once a month.

    Once we take an interest in your profile, we contact you via Telegram messenger immediately — please be patient and wait for it.

    Best regards,
    Dark Genesis Team

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    I introduce myself
    mr diraison patrice
    I am 38 years old
    I am French
    I am very available on the game. not working I would like to make my disposal to the game to be able to help other players and report any bug in the game.
    I started on the s34 and I am lv 116 on the nickname of Florence.
    I am available at all times.
    my messenger: enoradiraison@hotmail.com.
    good continuation.

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    Hi my Name is Nicolai de la Haye.
    My age is 46.
    I am British.
    I have been playing Dark Genesis for six months.
    And feel I have enough knowledge to help and aid other players
    report bugs and relay with the Drk Genesis team when needed.
    I am on s12 and am level 149.
    My Username or nickname is Nick1975.
    my Email is: delahayeNicolai45@Gmail.com.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Best regards,

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    my name is Bobby Smith
    I am 30 years old
    I am English
    I Play normally for 12hours or even more
    I started on the s12 and I am lv 124 on the nickname of FunFoxy.
    I am available most of the time im on daily.
    my Email: Anime9001@gmail.com
    Best Regards,

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      by sever 12 it old server 12 the one that became part of server 1 sorry for any confusion

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    hi rusé
    please signup in Telegram chat app and provide us your nickname in @username format.

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      @ShadowFoxy91 for my telegram if selected

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    ok thanks rusé

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    Hi! I will introduce myself.
    I am Ryan
    I speak English and am from Canada.(Time zone is GMT -8)
    I am 19 years old
    I started playing Dark Genesis 6 months ago and feel I have the knowledge of this game to help and guide others. I started playing this game from a website that rewards people for playing different games and completing different tasks, and I thought this game was interesting, so I continue to play it today.
    I hope to help answer any questions in the community, and to help gameplay-wise as well.
    I am on a couple of hours per day.
    I am on S13 and am currently level 147.
    My username in-game is Pyro.
    My email is pyroboxed@gmail.com
    Telegram is @Pyrobox

    Let me know if I can help.

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    Hi, I hope this is still available since I was looking forward to it.
    Name’s Rafael, I am 19 years old.
    I am from Brazil, GMT -3.
    I am fluent in English and I love learning languages, having studied both Russian and German before, though not to an advanced level.
    I am online everyday pretty much all day.
    My in-game name is “Zezo”, I play on server 30 and I’m currently level 107, halfway to 108.
    Since I stay all day logged into the game, I could dedicate that time for GM work.
    I’ve been playing Dark Genesis for almost 4 months and got really attached to the game. I would love to be part of the team to help the community and the game itself to grow. This is one of the few games I actively play everyday and I like it a lot.
    A little about me: I like playing games and programming, currently in college studying system development. I also like languages and music.
    Telegram username: @ZezoThe

    Thank you and looking forward to be of assistance.

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    My Name is Michael im 21 years of age
    my Username is DeltaKings my level is 186
    I’m in the USA my time zone is EST
    I could spend a majority of my time on the game due to me working remotely at home
    I would like to apply for this position to help new up and comers at the game
    i been playing this game for almost a year now i have gained a lot of knowledge about it and was able to level up and rank myself pretty high in the game.
    my Telegram username- MikeMg38

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    Hi, I am OkieDokie S-22 level 247. I can beat all the other applicants with my lowest team. I speak American-style English as a native tongue, but I use a language translator to talk to others in my guild and on my server. As I have found out, there are about 12 different languages spoken within my guild and the server as a whole. Anyways, anyone applying should use and translator available to better assist their language barriers.

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    Hi Jame, do you need GM anymore?

    Last edited: 27.12.2021 17:05

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