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how to tell what heros needed to ascend

Forums Dark Genesis Game Discussions how to tell what heros needed to ascend

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    Hi may be a stupid question but when Im trying to ascend a hero is there a way to tell which ones will be required when all it shows is a plus sign in the box that way I can get the needed ones without waisting time and rescources thanks

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    what rank do you want to raise your hero to?

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    IF the picture is blank any hero epic and same attribute.
    and for some stages you need another copy of the hero your leveling.
    ranks rise as the hero needed gets higher to needed heros can rank from epic to legendary for the level up
    any hero you get at epic and go up to genesis(white border)
    any her you get at rare will max out a legendary(red border)

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    for up van helsing:
    legendary: 5 epic card
    legendary+: 1 epic+ card and 5 epic card
    mythic: 1 legendary card and 1 epic+ card and 1 epic van helsing card
    genesis: 2 legendary card and 1 epic+ card and 2 van helsing card

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