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How to properly report a bug!

Forums Dark Genesis Guides & FAQs How to properly report a bug!

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    Dear players,
    In order to be able to help, we need you to provide specific and concise information when reporting any bugs and errors.

    A standard report should contain, at least, the following:

    • In-game Name;
    • Server;
    • Description of what happened/is happening, as straightforward as possible;
    • A screenshot, if applicable.

    If you have any additional comments, put them after all the important info, so that we can quickly identify and correct the bugs you might have encountered!
    In case we need additional details, we’ll reply to your topic with exactly what we need.

    We appreciate all of you who report errors in the game, you are helping us to make the game better so, please, continue! Help us help you, by reporting bugs correctly.


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