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How to make game better, my 2 cents

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    Hello. In overall this is a very good game, but however there are few aspect which you guys should look into to make it even better. Im a paying player but leaving few things aside im trying to bring the free player aspect to this aswell.

    Ruin Hunt

    The rewards should scale according to the difficulty here. Sure it is great to get few red items, 300k gold etc. at the first challenges, however to rewards are still the same even in the stage 11 where im at. The difficulty it is to get here in the first place is hard and so are the ruin hunt challenges. The rewards should scale up a notch to lets say 2 or even 3 star red gear / alot more gold / more upgrade stones etc for the later stages

    Eternal Abyss

    Same thing here with reward scaling. I see Elite shards changed to Epic shards already, so maybe i am at too low stage, but scaling for items should start earlier on.

    Lamb boss

    The Rate for getting the actual shards for the enemy you are summoning seem to be too low. With about month and a half worth of summons i think i have gotten the shard about 5 times. Here players should be able to choose how hard enemy they want to challenge and harder enemies tune up the possibility to get the actual shards.

    Trying out different heroes is too difficult

    I dont know is Pantheon made for this purpose in the first place or not, but if it is its not helping at all. Hero at 255 with gear and upgraded gear slots is really only a punching bag in the later stages and it is really hard to determinate its potential. It really seems trying out Heroes is rather costly progress with “hit or miss” agenda. Maybe Pantheon should be changed for less slots available but more progress for the heroes in there. If you have full party of genesis heroes, make hero(es) in Pantheon fully genesis too.

    Supreme card system for VIP rewards

    I know this is upcoming trend in rpg browser games, however it doesnt make it good. Players in the high VIP range have already contributed to game enough to have VIP rewards permanent and really shouldnt be required to put in more money to enjoy the benefits they have already paid for.

    So there are few points which comes to mind in order to make game better.

    KerjiS, S1

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    Nice to see more people getting interested in making the game better. its a good sign for progress.

    Some of these issues are being discussed with the esprit teams, we should be seeing things getting better soon. will keep you guys posted.

    Just to Add
    Lamp Boss: reward system seems same across all levels of bosses and all types of bosses. the shards for those bosses is supposed to be in the reward.

    Ruin Dungeon: The final boss Rewards are missing for many level bosses.

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    i agree with most things kerjis has said the rewards don’t correspond with the level of difficulty required to pass stages. As you progress the need for different elemental heroes grows to pass certain stages… to get those heroes up to that stage where they will acutally be useful is costly… there is no balance in the game… too many recharge events, this game follows the failed game models of darkmoon realm type games.. people will not stick around and play they will quit because it’s not worth time and money to play.
    James says that they are opening new servers because new players would quit due to strong competition if they were to join older servers… but that is bullshit… the reason there are fewer players on the older servers is because they quit there to start on newer servers in order to be number 1.
    As for VIP… why bother u have to pay for everything it’s a joke

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    also i wanna say 3k diamonds to lock stats for genesis stone upgrade is ridiculous…and a total rip-off…

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