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    History Kings of War:

    King of war was released as a rebuild clone of Siegelord by Oasis and lounched at may 2018.

    Originally the game was written in chinese, so as result a few parts were showing in chinese. Oasis fixed a few of the parts that were in chinese. in the first 2 months. in august 2018 players reached Championship, that part was complete in chinese so players had no idea what to do in this part of the game. Oasis disabled it partly, and as result only people that had reached the championship (lvl 80) were able to get the rewards of championship. Oasis promised to fix this as fast as possible. End of august 2018 the disabled the part complete, but forgot to remove the announcing part. So from that moment on, all players that had reached lvl 80 before august 2018, were annoyed by these popups in Chinese every fryday and saturday. Oasis promised again to fix it and asked players to be patient. 18 months later we are still waiting to get this fixed.
    1st week of september S2 green reached kingdom lvl 7. This would give the kingdom extra defences and resources by building strongholds. The second week of september Oasis did a game update but by doing so they broke the kingdom part, so all resources player had put in building the strongholds were lost. Oasis promised this would get fixed fast and asked us to be patient.
    End of september players started to reach the lvl to build artifacts. they had to rebuild all building and invested a lot of recources trying to get the advantage of Artifacts. as you need to buy 1000 parts of each 4 artifacts before you would be able to use them, it took about 2 months to reach the part where you could start using these artifacts. The only problem was that the text was all chinese, so it was not clear what to do for most players. Oasis decided not to fix this but but removed the part where you invest the artifact parts. so all recources that were put in were lost and useleless. Again Oasis promised to fix it and asked us to be patient.
    Then Oasis started to show who they really are, the lounched the game Ancient war under two new names, Game of Glory and King of War, under a new company name Esprit games. This to attract new players, while none of the bugs were fixed. Just to get more income without investing any work to fix huge bugs.
    In the mean while they also introduced special events where you could win Hephaestus hero cards if you payed a lot of money. this event was launched 2 times with Xmas 2018 as last time. Then it never came back so people who had not payed enough to get more cards had useless cards of this strong hero and would never be able to get this hero upgraded enough.
    This is how Oasis makes there money. Never fix anything, keep making promises and grab as much money as possible with a complete broken game.

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    please write english here, none is understanding what you write

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    play warbanner great game and let me know what clan you are going to go in. my current kings of war s2 is not working anymore so hopeing to get scam wolfie kokken and the rest to play warbanner and maybe get in a clan together.

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    Скам норм челик , ты нашел себе новую игру?

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