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Hello, some issues (1 technical, 1 dealing with last update)

Forums Rakshasa Technical issues Hello, some issues (1 technical, 1 dealing with last update)

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    Hello. I have two very different but important questions to do with the game, one is a technical issue that I’ve been having all morning. I only get a small box at the top of the screen (see image) and can’t play as it won’t go past that point.

    the second deals with the not being able to trade off the extra fragments of heroes you already have full stars on. I see you said on last update you guys were working on a fix to this, being a brochure trading sort of deal.. I’m a bit disappointed that that was earlier in the year and we still have yet any way to trade or sell off these extras. I’d been holding off going to speak about this issues as I figured that by now, someone would have handled it.

    Hope you have a good day, and please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

    IGN:Rodrick Negron
    Server: 7

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    Ok technical problem seems to be fixed now so thank you for that. Though the long standing trouble of the fragment trading is still a high issue (many of my friends in game have asked about it for a while and since I’ve been promoted in game I only feel it proper to ask about it.

    Thank you for your understanding;

    IGN: Rodrick Negron

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      We are happy to oblige. Fragment trading is still an important task for us and we are trying to realize this opportunity in the very near future

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    Thank you so ver much. I’ll Inform my friends and faction asap. They’ll be more than happy to hear of the good news. ^_^

    Thanks again;

    ING: Rodrick Negron

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