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    Dear friends!

    From this guide you will learn more about special Halloween events. Read further and get prepared for exciting seasonal adventures!

    Special Halloween events lasts for 5–6 days. There’re two activities in 2018 — «Happy Haloween» and «Festival Hotspot».

    «Happy Haloween»

    There’re 4 different ways to get a special reward. Click «Happy Halloween» button to open event window.


    Just purchase some Ingots and earn excellent reward! The more Ingots you purchase, the more gifts you will receive.


    400 ingots — Hero upgrade pack, 100 Stamina, 50k of Gold, 500k of Silver;
    1100 ingots — Hero upgrade pack x2, 100 Stamina x2, Lv.3 Gem Bag x5, Senior Summoning Amulet x4;
    2400 ingots — 100 Souldrops x2, 100 Stamina x5, Lv.5 Gem Bag x5, 100 Hardened Glaze x5;
    5000 ingots — 100 Souldrops x3, Hero upgrade pack x3, Lv.5 Gem Bag x8, 100 Bonismo Signet x10;
    10000 ingots — Lv.5 Gem Bag x10, Sangluo Wine x300, Senior Summoning Amulet x10, Godly Summoning Amulet x10;
    25000 ingots — Baptism Protection Token x20, Baptism Evolution Token x10, Talisman Skill Book x100, 100 Serum Jade x30;
    30000 ingots — Baptism Evolution Token x50, 999 Roses x3, R3 Orange Fatestone Case x3, Baptism Protection Token x200;
    50000 ingots — Lv.8 Gem Bag x9, Baptism Evolution Token x10, Refining Token x1000, Talisman Skill Book x400.

    Make a Wish

    Bring the Wishing lots and get your reward. You can obtain lots by opening the daily Activiness chest, taking part in Surprising momen special and just buy some in the store.

    Possible reward:
    Baptism Protection Token , Senior Summoning Amulet, Talisman Skill Book, Sun Zhantian Fragment, Scroll of Teleportation, Talisman materials box, Batism Evolution Token, Refining Token, Elemental Fragment, Wishing Lot.


    You’re just making your daily routine in dungeons but with double rate for materials! For Halloween season exclusively! Just start exploring any dungeon and check it!


    Senior recruit’s never been so cheap! For Halloween season you get a 20% or more discount! Now you get a chance to finally recruit a warrior of your dream!

    Festival Hotspot

    You can reach even more rewards for Halloween! Tap Festival Hotspot icon and open an additional menu.


    Here you can reach reward for spending ingots. The more currency you spent the more gifts you receive.


    30000 ingots — Tianfu [specter] Fragment x80, Baptism Evolution Token x7, Lv.6 Gem Bag x5;
    60000 ingots — Sun Zhantian Fragment x80, Godly Summoning Amulet x10, Lv.6 Gem Bag x15;
    70000 ingots — Sun Zhantian Fragment x100, Refining Token x500, Lv.6 Gem Bag x27.

    Halloween continuous

    It’s simple! Just buy 2000 ingots daily and get an additional reward. Every day you can get the following gifts:
    Hero upgrade pack, Sangluo Wine x100, Lv.3 Gem Bag x5, Senior Summoning Amulet x9.

    See you on Rakshasa street!

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