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    Xmas Carnival

    Available by icon

    Xmas Adventure

    Roll the Xmas Dice to participate in the Christmas adventure.

    3 free attempts will be available to you daily.

    Additional dice can be purchased in the event for 50 Amethysts.

    You can also purchase a special set, which includes dice.

    Choose how many times you want to roll the dice in a row – 1 time or 10. Then press the Roll button.

    Free dice can only be used for 1 roll. They will be reset every day.

    The elf will begin to move clockwise according to the points when a number falls on the dice.

    After moving the elf, you will receive the reward of the cell on which she stands.

    When the elf has passed the entire board, the rewards will be updated.

    Also, for each turn you will receive Xmas Snowflake, which can be exchanged for items in the event store.

    Buildings are located on the desk. Pass the buildings to get materials for improving the sleigh and improve the buildings themselves. Leveling up buildings will provide even more materials and trigger special events.

    Special events will appear next to the upgraded building.

    Below we give a couple of examples of possible events (this does not mean that you will come across exactly them).

    Example 1Card Match

    There are 8 pairs of identical cards on the field. You are given a few seconds to memorize the location of the cards. To win, you need to make combinations of the same cards.

    Only 2 cards can be flipped each time. If you guess the same cards, they will disappear from the field, and your opponent will lose HP. If you don’t guess, your HP will decrease.

    You win if your opponent’s HP is exactly 0.

    If you lose, you can challenge the enemy again.

    Example 2 – Adventure Q&A

    Select an answer to receive your reward.

    When the special event is completed, it will disappear from the field.

    Catch Santa Claus

    Click on the special button to start upgrading the sled.

    Upgrade your sleigh to catch Santa Claus and get rewards.

    Santa Claus’s speed increases at 00:00, so catch him faster.

    To improve your sleigh with special materials:

    • Star Mahogany
    • Magic Iron Nail
    • Magic Hammer

    Each level of the sleigh will provide different bonuses that will help you get closer to Santa.

    After upgrading, your speed will increase.

    Also, for each level you will receive an additional reward – Sled Pack.

    The higher the level of the sleigh, the higher the level of the Sled Pack, the better the rewards it contains.

    Xmas Rout

    Available by icon

    Destroy monsters to get rewards – Rout Chest of various levels.

    During the event, you will receive double experience for completing the Campaign!

    Xmas Offer

    Available by icon

    Buy a variety sets at huge discounts.

    The number of sets for purchase is limited!

    Xmas Ranking

    Available by icon

    Take part in the Christmas adventure to earn points and rank in the leaderboard.

    The number of points received is equal to the number dropped on the diсe.


    Ranking 1 (Requirements: 5 000 Points):

    • Improved Hero Pact – 50
    • Enhancement Lolite – 100
    • Holy Dragon of Light – 1

    Ranking 2 (Requirements: 3 000 Points):

    • Improved Hero Pact – 20
    • Enhancement Lolite – 75

    Ranking 3 (Requirements: 1 000 Points):

    • Improved Hero Pact – 10
    • Enhancement Lolite – 50

    Ranking 4-10 (Requirements: 500 Points):

    • Improved Hero Pact – 10
    • Enhancement Lolite – 20

    Ranking 11-20 (Requirements: 200 Points):

    • Improved Hero Pact – 5
    • Enhancement Lolite – 10

    Ranking 21-200 (Requirements: 100 Points):

    • Hero Pact – 10

    Rewards will be mailed after the end of the event.

    Xmas Puzzle

    Available by icon

    There are 4 puzzles available, for the collection of which you can get various rare rewards.

    1 puzzle:

    • Mistletoe Avatar – 1
    • Mistletoe Frame – 1
    • Improved Hero Pact – 10
    • Diamond Bag – 10

    2 puzzle:

    • Xmas Cottage Avatar – 1
    • Xmas Cottage Frame – 1
    • Improved Hero Pact – 10
    • Diamond Bag – 10

    3 puzzle:

    • Reindeer Avatar – 1
    • Reindeer Frame – 1
    • Improved Hero Pact – 10
    • Diamond Bag – 10

    4 puzzle:

    • St. Nicholas Avatar – 1
    • St. Nicholas Frame – 1
    • Improved Hero Pact – 10
    • Diamond Bag – 10

    You will receive Xmas Puzzle pieces for every playthrough of the Christmas adventure. This means when the elf crosses the starting line, completing a full circle around the map, you will receive various pieces of the puzzle. The number and type of puzzle is determined randomly.

    If you have received a repeated piece of the puzzle, you can present it to any friend or member of your guild who is online. There are 3 gifts available per day.

    You can also ask your friends for puzzle pieces once a day.

    Xmas Shop

    Exchange Xmas Snowflake for rare items in the event store.

    Available for exchange:

    • Thor Card – 10 000 Xmas Snowflake, Character Limit 1
    • Golden Apple Shard – 100 Xmas Snowflake, Character Limit  50
    • Improved Hero Pact – 50 Xmas Snowflake, Character Limit  50
    • Promotion Sapphire – 40 Xmas Snowflake
    • Promotion Tanzanite – 20 Xmas Snowflake
    • Promotion Emerald – 20 Xmas Snowflake
    • Evolution Citrine x5 – 20 Xmas Snowflake
    • Relic Crystal x5 – 20 Xmas Snowflake
    • Holy Feather x5 – 20 Xmas Snowflake
    • Beast Spirit Stone x5 – 10 Xmas Snowflake
    • Enhancement Lolite x5 – 10 Xmas Snowflake
    • Enhancement Emerald x5 – 10 Xmas Snowflake
    • Empowered Sapphire x5 – 10 Xmas Snowflake
    • Warsoul Refining Harness x5 – 10 Xmas Snowflake

    This guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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    Merry Christmas!

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