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    Treasure Hunt

    Available by icon 

    Take part in a treasure hunt and win valuable prizes!

    • Hunt 1 time – 50 gold or 1 Treasure Hunt Bell
    • Hunt 10 times 500 gold or 10 Treasure Hunt Bells
    • Hunt 50 times 2,500 gold or 50 Treasure Hunt Bells

    Bells can be obtained as a reward in Events for a certain number of participants in the Hunt.

    Available by icon 

    There, in addition to the Bells, you can get additional pleasant bonuses.

    For each search, you will receive a reward (not only from the events offered in the window, but also diamonds, various consumables, etc.) and 1 Event Point.

    Additional rewards for the number of participants are also available in the events window:

    Attention: Attempts are reset every day.

    The points you receive can be exchanged in a special Store:

    Available products:

    • Title “Only cool kids have super-long titles” – 2,000 points
    • Legendary Weapons – 500 points
    • Legendary Clothing – 500 points
    • Legendary Extra – 500 points
    • Legendary Helmet – 500 points
    • Legendary Belt – 500 points
    • Legendary Gloves – 500 points
    • Legendary Greaves – 500 points
    • Legendary Shoes – 500 points
    • Legendary Necklace – 500 points
    • Legendary Pendant – 500 points
    • Legendary Left Ring – 500 points
    • Legendary Right Ring – 500 points
    • 50 000 Diamonds – 1 point
    • 1,000 Pink diamonds – 1 point
    • A fragment of the dragon language (secondary) – 2 points
    • Fragment of the insignia (medium) – 2 points

    Attention: Rewards and exchange items may change from event to event.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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