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    Siege of Winterfell

    Available by icon 

    • Each season of the event has 8 battles, each battle lasts 1 hour.
    • Any kingdom without a valid protection status can participate in the event.
    • Application for participation can submit Alliances, occupying the top 50 places in the rankings of the Kingdom aid (Kingdom Alliance is the Kingdom, which is the head of the Alliance).
    • An application for participation can be submitted by officials or the head of the alliance. After submitting the application, the time of participation in the battle cannot be changed.
    • After submitting the application and until the end of the battle, the alliance members can not move between the kingdoms.
    • After submitting the application and before the end of the battle, the alliance can not be dissolved, the transfer of the position is impossible.
    • After the submission of the application and until the end of the battle, the composition of the alliance can not be changed.



    The battle lasts 1 hour. Alliances earn points for first capturing bases, holding them, and delivering resources. The side that scores the most points during the battle wins.

    The event consists of seasons. The alliances are divided into 3 leagues-Super League, A League, and B League.

    At the end of the season, the results are summed up and the award is given to the best players and alliances. The champion receives the highest award.

    Season Description

    • The alliance tournament consists of 3 leagues of multiple rounds. The winners will receive points, the loser will lose them. The rank of the alliances depends on the number of current points.
    • Each stage consists of a submission period, battle days, and a rest period in between.
    • Points are reset at the beginning of each season. There is a break between seasons.

    Promotion and relegation

    The system distributes participants into three tournaments (leagues) depending on their power. Participants are promoted/relegated in the leagues depending on the results in the season

    • Super Tournament: The last 50 alliances advance to the A Tournament.
    • Tournament A: The top 50 alliances advance to the Super Tournament, the last 50 alliances advance to Tournament B.
    • Tournament B: Top 50 alliances advance to Tournament A.

    Submission of applications and the day of battle

    1. Sign up for battle

    Alliances from the top 50 of each server that are not protected are allowed to participate.

    The duration is 24 hours.

    The request can be sent by the leader or an official of the alliance. In the application, you must select the time of the battle.

    Attention: after submitting the application and until the end of the battle, the members of the alliance can not move their cities, and the leader can not dissolve the alliance or transfer the position to another player.

    1. The Day Of Battle

    The day of battle consists of preparation, entry, and the battle itself.

    Preparation: the leader of the alliance receives information about the future enemy and studies his profile.

    Entrance: You can enter the battlefield 30 minutes before the start of the battle. The party (Starkey or Greyjoy) is randomly assigned. The leader must not leave the battlefield after entering, otherwise he will not be able to return. In the alliance kingdoms, a truce is declared for the duration of participation in the battle.

    Battle: lasts 1 hour. The time of the battle is determined in the application for participation. The winner is determined at the end of time.

    Attention: on the day of the battle, you cannot change the composition of the alliance and disband it, and alliance members cannot move their cities on the map.


    After the battle, a rest period begins, at which time the restriction on changing the composition of the alliance and moving cities is removed. 

    After the last fight of the season, the season summary begins.


    The siege of Winterfell and the Battle of the Alliances take turns.


    The tide of battle

    1. Entering the battlefield

    When you enter a new battlefield, you can choose 3 million warriors who will fight with the lord. To enter the battlefield, the warriors must be in the camp.

    All available commanders will appear on the battlefield at the same time as the lord. After entering, all available stats bonuses are reset, only the battlefield bonus is valid. Dragons do not participate in battles.

    1. Placement

    After entering the battlefield, the participants are randomly assigned to two camps – the Starks and the Greyjoys. The city is placed automatically.

    1. Earning points

    Points are awarded for the first capture or hold of a structure on the battlefield.

    Deliver resources to your bases to get a lot of points.

    Points earned on the battlefield are added together and cannot be deducted.

    1. Determining the winner

    The alliance with the highest score wins. If the number of points is equal, the alliance with the greater power will win.

    1. Free movement

    Players are free to move on the map and select the target.

    1. Other

    You can go to the window of your city without leaving the battlefield.

    Once you leave the battlefield, you can’t go back.

    Positioning on the battlefield

    Camp Stark is located at the top of the map on the right, Camp Greyjoy is located at the bottom.

    There are 11 bases on the map: Winterfell, 4 fortresses, 3 Stark outposts, 3 Greyjoy outposts, 2 weapons, 2 hot keys.

    Each structure has its own functions. Winterfell starts producing resources 12 minutes after the start of the battle. Collect resources and send them to your buildings to get points.



    Creating a squad

    • Click on the ” + ” at the bottom to create a squad next to the castle.
    • Each army is led by 1-3 commanders. The skills of commanders work for the entire army.
    • Players combine units of different types. The attack, defense, health, speed, and range characteristics depend on this.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Quick select of the created groups

    The selected squad will take the current position

    The selected squad will return to the city

    To move to the current position of the squad

    • Figure 1: selection of the detachment sent 1
    • Digit 2: select the sent squad 2
    • Digit 3: select the sent squad 3


    The alliance mark can be added by the head or official on the Winterfell Siege map

    Enable the cursor lock to keep it within the game window

    You can instantly discover the location of Winterfell resources with the appropriate button

    Simplification: Hide the effects of other players to optimize the game


    The reward of a fight

    1. Reward

    At the end of the battle, the lords of both camps are awarded the appropriate rewards.

    Winner’s Award:

    • 60 mins Speed Up (Training) – 3
    • 60 mins Speed Up (Heal) – 3
    • Race Boots 25% – 6

    Loser’s Reward:

    • 60 mins Speed Up (Training) – 1
    • 60 mins Speed Up (Heal) – 1
    • Race Boots 25% – 3
    1. Reward for points

    If the total points of a camp reach a certain value during the battle, players from that camp will receive a reward. The content of this award does not depend on the outcome of the battle.

    20 000 battle points:

    • Honor banner – 6
    • Valor Point – 800

    30 000  battle points:

    • Main Material Selection – 10
    • Valor Point – 800

    40 000 battle points:

    • Mark of the True Dragon – 200
    • Valor Point – 800

    50 000 battle points:

    • Honor banner – 16
    • Valor Point – 800

    60 000 battle points:

    • Main Material Selection – 10
    • Valor Point – 800

    80 000 battle points:

    • Mark of the True Dragon – 200
    • Valor Point – 800
    1. Valor Point

    At the end of the battle (ranking the alliance by points for destroying enemies and points for healing allies), valor points are awarded. Valor can be exchanged for items in the event store.

    Season reward

    1. Winner’s Award

    If the number of alliance wins reaches 5 during the season, participants will receive Winner’s Award:

    • Elite General Token – 15
    • Valor Point – 1 500
    1. Personal reward for points

    After the last battle of the season, the players who take the first 3 places in the alliance’s kill rankings will receive personal rewards:

    • Crest of Vigor Badge – 2
    • Elite General Token – 15

    Warning: If a player leaves the alliance, the points earned and the ranking position are reset.

    1. Alliance Rank Reward

    After the end of the season, the alliance rating is compiled by the number of points scored. Members receive rewards that match their alliance’s rating.

    1 rank:

    • Diamond – 4 000
    • 8 hrs Speed Up – 8
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 12
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 12
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 80

    2 rank:

    • Diamond – 3 500
    • 8 hrs Speed Up – 7
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 10
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 10
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 70

    3 rank:

    • Diamond – 3 000
    • 8 hrs Speed Up – 6
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 9
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 9
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 60

    4-10 rank:

    • Diamond – 2 500
    • 8 hrs Speed Up – 5
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 7
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 8
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 50

    11-30 rank:

    • Diamond – 2 000
    • 8 hrs Speed Up – 4
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 6
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 7
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 40

    31-50 rank:

    • Diamond – 1 800
    • 3 hrs Speed Up – 8
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 5
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 6
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 35

    51-100 rank:

    • Diamond – 1 500
    • 3 hrs Speed Up – 6
    • Advanced Skill Raffle – 4
    • Gold Dragons 600 000 – 4
    • Main Material Selection Chest – 30
    1. Award of the head of the alliance

    After the end of the season, the alliance rating is compiled by the number of points. Chapters receive rewards that match their alliance’s rating.

    1 rank:

    • Blue Winter Rose (30 days) Voucher – 1
    • Warrior’s Protection 40% 4 hrs – 5
    • Diamond – 6 000

    2 rank:

    • Blue Winter Rose (14 days) Voucher – 1
    • Warrior’s Protection 40% 4 hrs – 4
    • Diamond – 5 000

    3 rank:

    • Blue Winter Rose (7 days) Voucher – 1
    • Warrior’s Protection 40% 4 hrs – 3
    • Diamond – 4 000

    4-10 rank:

    • Blue Winter Rose (3 days) Voucher – 1
    • Warrior’s Protection 40% 4 hrs – 2
    • Diamond – 3 000



    • Alliances are divided into 3 leagues after recording for 1 battle of the 1st season of the Siege of Winterfell. The top 250 go to the Super League, alliances with a rank of 250-800 to the A League, alliances with a rank of 800 and below to the B League.
    • Alliances that do not apply start in the B League.

    Initial points

    League members earn points based on their power and starting rank. The points of the 3 leagues are counted separately.

    Event Store

    • The event store is available on the battlefield. Alliance heads and officials can buy items there with Alliance Tokens. After the purchase, alliance members can receive the corresponding items.
    • The number of tokens that can be spent during the battle is limited.
    • All items purchased in the event store are revoked after the battle ends.

    Absence of an opponent

    If the alliance does not enter the battlefield, the victory is awarded to its opponent.

    Activation of the armistice

    After entering the battlefield, a truce is declared in the alliance kingdoms. If the truce was already active, then its time will no longer be spent.

    Exit from the battlefield

    Players can leave the battlefield through the event window, but will not be able to return back.

    Summing up points

    Points for destroying enemies and healing allies during battle are not combined with points in other events.

    The absence of combat

    Super League and A-League participants who did not compete will move to the B-League next season.

    Other rules

    1. Losses

    Players ‘ troops do not die, but are sent for free recovery.

    Losses during the event do not affect the state of the main map’s army.

    1. Rallies

    During the Siege of Winterfell, the gathering is unavailable.

    1. Protection of structures

    At the beginning of the battle, all bases except Winterfell have active defense against attacks.

    1. Capture of structures

    To capture the structure, you need to send an army to the area around it. Whose troops will be more, he will capture the structure.

    1. Collection and delivery of resources

    Resources appear in Winterfell, players collect them and send them to their buildings to get points. Collection and delivery takes time. The speed of the March at the time of delivery is reduced.

    1. Speed on the march

    The speed of soldiers of the same rank in descending order: Cavalry – > Infantry – > Archers – > Spearmen.

    The speed of soldiers of different ranks in descending order: P1 > P2 > P3 > P4.

    1. Expedition queues

    You can send up to 3 units at the same time.

    1. Results

    The results for the day are announced the next day at 00: 00.

    Event Store

    Here you can exchange Valor Point for useful items.

    The amount of points depends on the number of kills and healings.

    Training for beginners

    You can watch the tutorial videos to better prepare for the battle.

    Available by button 

    There are 7 lessons available. The lessons will open one by one-after watching the tutorial video.

    For each first viewing of the training video (all lessons) You will receive a reward.


    After the training, you can pass the test.

    Click the special button 

    You will move to an improvised battlefield and try to participate in the upcoming battle.

    To return from the battlefield, click 


    You can see a list of your commanders who can participate in the Siege of Winterfell.

    Click the button 

    Battle Report

    Emails with combat reports can be viewed by clicking the button 

    Past champions

    You can view the champions of past tournaments by clicking the button 

    Attention: Rewards and items in the store can change from event to event.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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