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    Shard Store

    Available by icon

    Recycle various shards to get items to exchange: Brilliant Crystal Shard и Brilliannt Crystal.

    The received Brilliant Crystal Shard and Brilliant Crystal can be exchanged for rare and unique items in the Event Store.

    The store’s assortment:

    • Brynhildr Card – 100 000 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Random Mythic Hero Equipment Chest – 50 000 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Random Legendary Hero Equipment Chest – 20 000 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Primitive Horn – 1 500 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Bright Star Sand – 20 000 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Legendary Elf – 600 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Mythic Elf – 800 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Sage’s Stone – 200 Brilliannt Crystal
    • Exquisite Treasure Map – 250 Brilliant Crystal Shard
    • Rare Treasure Map – 500 Brilliant Crystal Shard
    • Life Potion – 250 Brilliant Crystal Shard
    • Dim Star Sand – 2 000 Brilliant Crystal Shard
    • Rare Elf – 200 Brilliant Crystal Shard
    • Epic Elf – 400 Brilliant Crystal Shard
    • Small Fairy Potion – 150 Brilliant Crystal Shard

    Note: Unused exchange items will be returned in Diamonds after the end of the event.

    Attention: The products in the store may change from event to event.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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