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    Available by the icon


    In this tab, you can see the complete information on each activated hero. All heroes are unique, have two identical heroes is forbidden.

    1. Hero quality
    2. Hero type and personal talent
    3. Pet protection – which pet is protecting this hero
    4. Amulet – what amulet is wearing
    5. Equipped equipment
    6. General BR of the hero
    7. Levels of promotion, merger, development, amplification and enhancement
    8. Current parameters
    9. Skills
    10. Skin (the appearance can not be changed for all heroes; it is obtained in various game events)

    Hired heroes are of different qualities (from lowest to highest):

    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Legendary +
    • Mythical
    • Mythic +
    • Artifact

    You cannot change the quality of hired heroes.

    Hero types:

    • Fighter
    • Tank
    • Healer
    • Support


    Here you can increase the level of heroes.

    The main character gains experience by completing various tasks.

    The maximum level of hired heroes cannot exceed the level of the main character.

    You can increase the level by 1 or 10 levels at once (depending on the number of available experience scrolls).

    To increase the level of heroes, the item EXP Scroll is used:

    You cannot increase the experience of the protagonist with experience scrolls.

    You can get scrolls in various game events (permanent and temporary):

    • Wailing Gate
    • Hero trial
    • Elite Stage Chest
    • Shop
    • Normal Stage
    • Guild Treasury
    • World boss
    • World Boss Shop
    • Cycle quest
    • and other


    Use special items to get and increase the hired heroes’ and main character’s advancement level.

    Each time you gain promotion experience, a random parameter increases (OZ, ATK, DEF). If the parameter has reached its maximum, it stops increasing, the remaining parameters will grow.

    When all parameters are at their maximum at the current level, the advancement level rises.

    At some levels of promotion, bonus parameters of the stage are opened (they increase the percentage of HP, ATK and ZPT received during promotion).

    Promotion parameters differ depending on the characteristics of the hero type.

    To gain the experience of advancement, the object Soul vessel is used (there are different levels).

    The Soul Flask can be obtained:

    • Store
    • Advancement Trial
    • Shop
    • Guild Shop
    • VIP Store
    • Normal Stage
    • Normal Stage Chest
    • Wailing Gate
    • and other


    In this tab, you can increase the stardom of the main character and those hired.

    The maximum number of stars depends on the quality of the heroes.

    To get one star, you need to light 10 nodes.

    Each open node gives bonus stats. The resulting star greatly increases the bonus parameters of the hero.

    The more stars are activated, the more items are required.

    To merge the main character, use the item Part of the star stone (Small star stone, Large star stone).

    Items for augmentation can be gotten:

    • Store 
    • Staressence Realm 
    • Shop 
    • VIP Store 
    • Arena Shop
    • and other events

    For augmentation of recruited heroes can be used Parts of the heroes which you can get in:

    • Recruit
    • Arena Shop
    • Shard Shop
    • Guild Shop
    • World Boss Shop
    • Mine Store
    • Elite Stage
    • and other events


    By raising the level of the Good, you increase the radiance parameter by a certain percentage.

    To increase the Good, the following conditions must be met:

    To increase the level, items are required:

    • Protagonist – Part of Star Stone (Small Star Stone, Large Star Stone – depends on the Boon level)
    • Hired Heroes – Hero Parts

    The number of items required will increase with the increase in the level of the Good.


    The main character and the hired heroes can use special items to open awaken points. Each open point of development gives a certain bonus to parameters.

    Each stage of awaken consists of 9 small parts and one large one. To open a large part, you need to open all small parts in order. Activating a large part unlocks or improves a development skill.

    The awaken parameters and development skills differ depending on the type of hero.

    To increase small parts, you need a Blessing Stone (it can be of different levels).

    The blessing stone can be obtained:

    • Store
    • Blessing realm
    • Shop
    • VIP Store
    • Elite Stage
    • Wailing Gate
    • Gold leaf shop
    • and other events

    To increase the large part, in addition to the Blessing Stones, you need the Star Stone item (there are different levels).

    Starlight Stone can be gotten:

    • Arena Shop
    • Store
    • Wailing Gate
    • and other events


    Strengthening the hero significantly increases BR.

    Amplification is carried out in two stages:

    • Adding Power Crystals
    • Strengthening the hero

    Adding crystals increases BR and opens the next stage of empowerment.

    When you increase the stage, a boost bonus will open. The bonus increases not only BR, but also enhances the effects of skills for some heroes.

    The possibility of increasing the level of empowerment depends on the level of the hero, i.e. boost levels are opened when the hired hero reaches a certain level.

    Adding Power Crystals:

    Crystals are mined in Elite stages.

    If any crystal is missing, click for a plus and in the window that appears you will see in which particular elite stage you can get a crystal for a successful passage.

    When all the conditions are met, you can strengthen the hero. To do this, you need the items Blessing of Angels and the Holy Crystal (at higher levels you will need additional items).

    The higher the boost level, the more items are required.

    Blessing of the angels can be gotten:

    • Store
    • Castle Raiders
    • Castle Raiders Shop
    • and other events

    Starcrest Stone can be gotten:

    • Store
    • Castle Raiders
    • Castle Raiders Shop
    • and other events


    Raising heroes increases their power.

    A fixed increase (by 1 level) activates talents that increase the parameters of heroes after promotion, merging, development, strengthening and promotion.

    When 6 heroes in the formation have an increase of a certain level, the bonus parameters are activated.

    To increase, you need the item Primordial Stone.

    Primordial Stone can be gotten:

    • Angel’s Mercenary Crew
    • and other events


    The skills of the protagonist are determined by the skills of the equipped Weapon of the Gods.

    Each hired hero has three skills, the level of which starts at 1 and can be improved.

    To increase the level of skills, you need a Skill Book item (there are different levels) and gold.

    The higher the stardom of the heroes (Fusion level), the higher the maximum skill level.

    Skill Book can be gotten:

    • Store
    • Skill Trial
    • Shop
    • World Boss Shop
    • and other events


    he number of open placement slots determines how many heroes can be placed. New placement slots are unlocked as the protagonist’s level rises.

    The main character always occupies one slot, he cannot be replaced by a hired hero. All other heroes can be replaced.

    To place a hero in one or another slot, drag it from the list on the left.

    There are vanguard and rearguard slots. It is recommended to place heroes with good vitality in the vanguard, and with low vitality in the rearguard. The heroes in the vanguard will be attacked first in battle.

    Here you can also change the pet that will help you in battle.

    Set the General and the Support.

    Choose new relics.


    Unplaced heroes can become amplifiers, buffs can activate connections.

    Increase BR to unlock more power-up slots. Up to 6 slots can be installed.

    To place a hero in a free slot, drag it from the list on the left side.


    Add the Weapons of the Gods to free slots to increase parameters.

    The parameters from the enhancement are valid as long as the Weapon of the Gods is in the help cell.

    Each added weapon gives 100% of the amplification parameters.

    Starting with the fifth placed weapon, the gain becomes partial.

    The first 4 cells are free, from 5 to 8 – they open when the conditions for topaz or the energy of the gods are met.


    An unplaced legendary + (or higher) hero can become a general. The general adds bonuses to placed heroes.

    The higher the quality, fusion level, and fusion blessing of the general, the higher the bonus will be.

    A hero cannot be both a general and an ally.

    The generals activate the link.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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