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    Available by the icon

    At level 8, an additional quest chain appears, which allows you to activate Mount first, then Goddess.

    Complete all the tasks, collect rewards and activate your new assistant in battle.


    Upgrade the goddess to increase her skill level.

    The Goddess Power item is used for improvement.

    Goddess Power можно получить:

    • Campaign
    • Resource Dungeon
    • Raid
    • Various game events
    • Online Chest (Power Potion)
    • Destroying mobs
    • etc.

    There is a daily limit on getting Goddess Power when killing monsters.

    The collection limit depends on the player’s level, the higher the level , the more items you can collect.

    You can summon the goddess as you move around the map. Then it will follow your character.

    Or withdraw it.

    The goddess can be strengthened using Goddess Origin.

    The number of items available for use will periodically increase as the goddess level increases.

    You can get the Goddess Origin:

    • Resource Dungeon
    • Various game events
    • Reward hall (Level pack)
    • Events
    • etc.


    Promote the Goddess to increase her stats and talent level.

    The subject of Goddess Topaz is used for promotion.

    Goddess Topaz можно получить:

    • Resource dungeon
    • Mystery shop
    • Various game events
    • Shop
    • etc.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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