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    Available by the icon

    Tabs will open as you progress through the story tasks.


    Enchantment allows you to improve the basic characteristics of equipment.

    Enchantment requires Empowered Sapphire and gold.

    Empowered Sapphire can be obtained:

    • Various game events
    • Equipment recycling
    • Mystery shop
    • Shop
    • Online chest
    • etc.

    Enchantment to the maximum level allows you to activate additional characteristics.

    An additional bonus to the characteristics can be obtained if all the equipment is enchanted to a certain level.

    You can enchant each piece of equipment separately or all at once.

    When changing equipment, the enchantment level is automatically transferred to the new one.


    The inlay of gems allows you to get additional characteristics.

    Gems can be synthesized and converted (we will tell you in the corresponding tabs).

    You can insert different types of gems into each equipment. Two gems of the same type can not be inserted. That is, two attack gems, for example, you can not install in one equipment.

    The general level of gems allows you to activate additional characteristics.

    Gems can be obtained:

    • Gem blitz
    • Various game events
    • Mystery shop
    • Eternal pass
    • etc.

    Initially, each equipment has one slot available for inserting gems.

    The Carving crystal item is required to open the following slots.

    Carving crystal can be obtained:

    • Shop
    • Mystery shop
    • Various game events
    • etc.

    The more slots in one outfit are open, the more Carving crystal will be required to open the next one:

    • 2 slot – 5 Carving crystal
    • 3 slot – 10 Carving crystal
    • 4 slot – 20 Carving crystal
    • 5 slot – 50 Carving crystal

    When changing equipment, the gems will automatically be transferred to the new one.


    Cleaning allows you to improve additional characteristics or change them.

    The higher the level of equipment, the better the characteristics will be.

    Each attempt to clear equipment can increase the number of stars by 1 or several at once.

    The Enchanting Stone item is required for cleaning.

    Enchanting Stone can be obtained:

    • Shop
    • Mystery shop
    • Eternal pass
    • Various game events
    • etc.

    With a certain number of stars, you can activate additional characteristics.


    If you are not satisfied with the characteristics of the equipment, you can change them.

    To do this, you will need the Reforge Sapphire item.

    Reforge Sapphire can be obtained:

    • Shop
    • Mystery shop
    • Various game events
    • etc.

    Click Reforge and see what characteristics can be changed in this attempt.

    If you are satisfied with the new characteristics, then click the Change button, and the new characteristics will be saved. If not, then click Cancel.

    If you do not want to change some characteristics, then lock them using the Equipment Reforge Lock item.

    Equipment Reforge Lock can be obtained:

    • Mystery shop
    • Shop
    • Various game events
    • etc.

    When changing equipment, all changes to equipment will be transferred.


    The improvement allows you to strengthen the basic characteristics.

    The Evolution citrine item is used for improvement.

    Evolution citrine can be obtained:

    • Shop
    • Eternal pass
    • Various game events
    • Trading post
    • etc.

    When using Evolution citrine, the scale will start to fill up.

    When the scale is filled to 100%, the star will be activated and the corresponding characteristic will increase.

    When you upgrade an item of equipment to a certain level of stars, you can activate an additional characteristic.

    When all the equipment reaches a certain level of stars, additional bonuses will be activated.


    Here you can synthesize:

    • Gem
    • Mount crystal
    • Item

    If you check the Have Materials box, you will see only those items that you can currently synthesize.

    For the synthesis, you need to select a subject and press a special button (provided that all the requirements are met).


    Recycle equipment and other items.

    To do this, select an available item from the right side and move it to the left cell (you can double-click on the item or drag it with the mouse).

    Then click Recycle.


    Convert gems of one type to another.

    To do this, select the gem you want to convert from the left side (double-click or drag with the mouse).

    Next, select the gem you want to get, and click Convert. The level of the gem will remain.

    To convert, you will need gold.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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