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    Father’s Day

    Available by the icon 

    Drawing of shifter cards for Father’s Day

    To participate in the event, a Flip Voucher item is required.

    You can get it by meeting certain conditions, or buy it in the event itself.

    You can also get additional Vouchers and rewards in Events for various activities.

    Available by the icon 

    During the draw, players will receive various gifts.

    For each participation, you can get one random item guaranteed:

    • Angelic star stone – x4
    • Mysterious meteoric iron – x40
    • Angelic star stone – x8
    • The key to the storage – x5
    • 50,000 Diamonds – x5
    • The key to the storage – x15
    • 50,000 Diamonds – x10
    • Elixir of raising the Holy Spirit – x3
    • Mysterious meteoric iron – x20
    • Elixir of raising the Holy Spirit – x6

    To receive the award, which is necessary to create an Entrance ticket to the banquet, it must be presented on the field 3 times.

    You will also receive Event Points for participation. The more points you get, the more additional rewards you can collect.


    60 points:

    • Divine pen – x10

    140 points:

    • Blood tear of the Spirit – x40

    240 points:

    • Banquet voucher – x1

    360 points:

    • Banquet voucher – x1

    480 points:

    • Banquet voucher – x1

    600 points:

    • Doomsday Dark Dragon – 1

    The banquet voucher can be exchanged for excellent rewards in the Summer Store.


    You can create an Entrance ticket to the banquet, which is a certificate for participation in the Father’s Day Banquet.

    To do this, you will need:

    • Suit – x1
    • Watch – x1
    • Leather shoes – x1

    Attention: The unused Entrance Ticket to the banquet will disappear at the end of the event.

    Father’s Day Banquet

    Take part in the competition and win awards!

    To participate, you need a Banquet Entrance Ticket.

    Click the Start button and move to a special location with the boss.

    By defeating the boss, you can win one of the awards:

    • Blood essence – x2
    • Divine pen – x2
    • Blood tear of the spirit – x2
    • Dragon crystal – x1
    • Scaly friend (suit) – x1
    • Scaly friend-Divine weapon – x1

    Father’s Day Store

    Exchange various event items for gifts in the Store.

    Attention: the number of exchanges is limited.

    Can be exchanged:

    • Scaly Friend Set – 3 Vouchers for a banquet
    • Scaly Friend-Divine Weapon – 2 Banquet Vouchers
    • Scaly friend – 2 Vouchers for a banquet
    • Crystal of the Lord x100 – 1 Voucher for a banquet
    • Dragon Crystal – 1 Banquet Voucher
    • Crystal of divine light x5 – 1 Voucher for a banquet
    • Crystal of dawn x5 – 1 Voucher for a banquet
    • Costume – 1 Voucher for the Father’s Day event
    • Watch – 1 Voucher for a Father’s Day event
    • Leather shoes – 1 Voucher for the Father’s Day event
    • 50,000 Diamonds – 1 Suit
    • 50,000 Diamonds – 1 Watch
    • 50,000 Diamonds – 1 Leather Shoes
    • Fruit of Growth – 10 Suits
    • Fruit of growth – 10 Hours
    • Fruit of growth – 10 Leather Shoes

    Attention: after the event ends, all event items will become unavailable.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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