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    Elite Trials

    Available by icon 

    Terms of participation

    To participate in the event, the alliance must have at least 25 active players (who have been in the game for the last 24 hours).

    New members of the alliance will be able to participate in 24 hours after joining.

    To participate in the event, the alliance leader’s kingdom must be protected for at least 51 days.


    Each commander can participate in the test only once a day.

    Players receive power points for completing levels. The number depends on the difficulty level and the damage done.

    For a certain number of points, you can get a personal reward.

    When the number of points reaches a certain value, the allies will be able to receive a reward.

    After completing some levels, players will be able to choose a bonus. Such levels are not counted in the overall progress.

    The extracted Trial Tokens can be exchanged for goods in the Elite TrialShop.

    Alliances from the same group get places in the ranking depending on the progress on the levels. If the progress is the same, the rank is awarded based on the boss ‘ remaining XP. If all the levels are completed , the passage time is taken into account.

    Description of the tournaments

    Tournament classes: Apprentice -> Novice -> Elite -> Epic.

    The passage begins with the Apprentice.

    Alliances of the same level compete with each other in groups. Each group consists of 20 alliances.

    The top 5 alliances in each group will advance to the next level.

    Alliances that are at the bottom 5 of the rating in their group will return to the previous level.

    The guide can be added or changed as information becomes available.

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