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    Dragonforged Pack

    Available by icon 

    Buy special kits and get useful items for your dragon!

    Three sets are available for purchase:

    • 1-Black Diamond
    • 3-Black Diamond
    • 6-Black Diamond

    Attention: each set can be purchased once a day.

    1-Black Diamond (return 100 Diamonds):

    • Ox Meat – 1
    • Deer Meat – 5
    • Advanced Skill Raffle Token – 1
    • Mark of the True Dragon – 10

    3-Black Diamond (return 300 Diamonds):

    • Black Bear Meat – 1
    • Ox Meat – 2
    • Advanced Skill Raffle Token – 2
    • Mark of the True Dragon – 10

    6-Black Diamond (return 600 Diamonds):

    • Black Bear Meat – 2
    • Ox Meat – 3
    • Advanced Skill Raffle Token – 3
    • Mark of the True Dragon – 10

    Every day you can get a free chest with a random reward.

    You can also purchase a special set worth 60 Black Diamonds and receive a Mark of the True Dragon every day for 7 days.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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