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    «Comrade Rally»

    Available by icon

    Legendary Return

    You will receive guaranteed rewards for the first three successful invitations. Further rewards will be available for every 100 players invited by all the lords of the kingdom and returned to the game.

    Callback Invite

    In this window, you can invite friends to the game using the Invite button. You can invite friends from the list or by searching for a player by name and account.

    • Returning players will award their companion 10 Companion points every day when they enter the game.
    • Returning players will award their companion 2 Companion points for every activity points they earn.
    • Returning players will reward their companion with 100 Companion points for each Black Diamond purchased.

    Companion Shop

    Exchange Companion points for items in the event store. The number of items to exchange is limited.

    The players you bring back into the game can help you earn Companion points by logging into the game, completing daily tasks, activity tasks, and purchasing in-game currency.

    In addition to exchanging points in the store, you can receive a Reward Chest daily.

    Attention: Items and rewards may vary from event to event.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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