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    Available by the icon

    Basic Info

    In this tab, you can see information about the pet (activated and not activated): quality, type, level, merge, purification, skills, etc.

    Companions’ quality:

    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Legendary+
    • Mythic
    • Artifact


    • Heal
    • ATK

    An activated pet can follow you, it can be recalled or put into Defense.

    You can also change the image of an open pet.

    Items for changing the image of a pet can only be obtained in events.

    To open pets, you need to collect a certain number of parts of a pet. The higher the quality of the pet, the more parts are required.

    Parts can be obtained:

    • Luminary Shop
    • various game events

    If you put the pet in line, then during the battle you can use its skills.

    When you click on a pet skill, it will be applied at the end of the turn. If no skills are used, the pet will attack normally. In auto combat, skills are applied automatically.

    Level Up

    The level of a pet can be increased using the Companion EXP Scroll item, thereby increasing its characteristics.

    Scrolls of the companion can be gotten:

    • The Luminaries
    • Luminaries Shop
    • Store
    • other


    There are 10 nodes between 2 adjacent stars that need to be opened. Each open node gives bonus stats. An open star will greatly increase the stat bonus.

    To fuse, use the Pet Parts and the Companion Augment Pill item.

    The higher the fusion level, the more fusion items will be required.

    Pill can be gotten:

    • The Luminaries
    • Luminaries Shop
    • Store
    • other

    When a new star is lit, the pet’s skill level will increase.

    Advanced Refine

    The maximum purge level depends on the pet’s fusion level.

    To cleanse pets, use the Companion Advanced Refine Stone:

    Refine can be gotten:

    • The Luminaries
    • Luminaries Shop
    • Store
    • other

    Increasing the level of cleaning gives a bonus to the parameters of the pet. Only the parameters of placed pets are valid.


    The gallery bonus applies to all heroes placed in the formation.

    To open the gallery, you need to activate pets.


    The higher the quality of the pet, the higher the level of the pet must be to place it in defense.

    To protect the hero, drag the pet from the list on the left to the desired field.

    Protecting a pet transfers a fraction of its stats to the hero it is protecting.

    The pet cannot protect the hero at the same time and is in the ranks.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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