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    Chess Hero

    Available by the icon

    Unlocks at level 102 of the main character. You can participate from 10:00 to 21:00 daily.

    Points are reset at 23:59:59 every Monday.

    When you first enter the event, the difficulty will be automatically determined for you, depending on your battle rating:

    • Newbie,
    • Middle,
    • Advanced.

    Attention: the categories of the Hero of Chess participants are determined at 23:59:59 on Mondays according to the maximum BR among the players.

    The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards (click the Rewards button to view the rewards).

    Then you need to get a command.

    There are two commands available to create.

    Drag available heroes to empty cells.

    The first hero placed will automatically become the head and face of the team on the playing field. The chapter can be changed, but not for the main character.

    The main character belongs to each team, he cannot be replaced or removed.

    Each team can have three members, including the main character.

    When the teams are set up, click Find Rivals.

    Selection takes up to 5 minutes. If the rival is not found within this time, the search will stop and you will need to restart it.

    Note: if you close the window while searching, the search will stop.

    After an opponent is found, the battle begins (5 seconds after the end of the search).

    There are two types of battlegrounds:

    • Wings of War
    • Jungle Skirmish

    The battlefield does not affect the battle itself.

    You will be automatically assigned to one of the factions (red, blue or yellow). Each faction can order its 2 teams to move, attack, engage in conversation, collect ore, or place ore. Those. you need to select a team at the bottom of the screen and click on the cell highlighted in green next to the hero representing the team.

    Each match lasts 7 minutes. Ranks are assigned for the amount of ore collected and placed at the base during a given time. In case of a tie, the kills are counted, and the rewards are distributed among holders of the same rank.

    The player with the most kills will receive the reward for the most kills.

    Each action on the field consumes stamina, restored over time or by pressing the restore button.

    Stamina cost:

    • each move consumes 1 stamina
    • each attack costs 1 stamina
    • talking to Janus costs 1 stamina
    • successfully collecting ore consumes 1 stamina

    To restore the full scale of stamina, one Potion of Stamina is spent, or Diamonds, if the potion is over.

    You can buy 3 stamina potions per day at a discount (the first for gold, the rest for Diamonds).

    There are obstacles on the field, two mines with ore and three ore delivery camps (one yours and two opponents). Teams cannot walk over obstacles, Janus, monsters, and other factions’ respawn points.

    Ore can be obtained in four ways:

    Gathering – you need to put the team on the cell of the ore mine and collect ore (if there is no stamina, the ore will not be collected).

    1. Killing monsters – monsters will periodically appear on the map, upon killing which you will receive a certain amount of ore.

    2. Raid on an enemy base – you need to come close to the enemy base and click on it. After a few seconds of collecting, all the ore at the base will go to you.

    3. Robbery of the opponent’s hero – you need to attack the enemy and defeat him. Then all his ore will go to you.

    Attention: do not forget to take the collected ore to your base. Otherwise, you can lose it and it will not be counted at the end of the match.

    You can talk to Janus to get a random item that is valid for the current match. Item effects do not stack, the original item will be replaced after receiving 4 items.

    At the bottom of the field, the composition of your teams is displayed, the number of kills they committed, the amount of stamina and the amount of ore that is on this character at the moment.

    Also, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the buffs collected after talking to Janus.

    • Potion of invulnerability – makes you invulnerable to damage for a while
    • Balance potion – after using the item, select your team and the opposing team, and the amount of ore for both teams will be equal to their average
    • Return Potion – restores all the stamina of the squad in Gold Chess
    • Improvement potion – gives 1000% ATK, DEF and HP in the next battle

    Potion effects do not stack. All potions disappear after the match.

    The rating of the current match is displayed on the left side.

    The reward received at the end of the match is displayed on the right.

    For participating in the event you will receive Treasure Points and Chess Tokens.

    In the event of a tie in points and the number of kills for all participants, everyone receives 100 Chess Tokens.

    The first two victories per day are worth double points, victories from 3 to 8 inclusive – the usual number of points, subsequent victories – half points.

    Chess tokens can be spent in the Chess Hero Store.

    Additional rewards can be received during the week if certain conditions are met.


    • for taking part
    • for victory
    • for glasses

    There are also additional rewards:

    • per match in Chess Hero
    • for the first victory

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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