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    Available by the icon

    It opens at the 33rd level of the character after completing the story task.

    Increase the level of awakening to strengthen the characteristics.

    To increase it, you need to light the spheres using the Awakening Stone item.

    Awakening Stone can be obtained:

    • Trial (Awakening Dungeon)
    • Various game events
    • Trading Post (Achievement shop)
    • Eternal pass
    • etc.

    When all 10 spheres are lit, you will need another increase to raise the rank.

    As the rank increases, additional skills will be unlocked.

    Enhance your awakening with special Veins of Awakening spheres.

    Veins of Awakening can be obtained:

    • Trial (Awakening Dungeon)
    • Various game events
    • etc.

    Using the Awakening ability in battle

    The ability is ready for use, the button is active:

    Click on the button to use the ability.

    Attention: the ability can only be used 1 time per battle.

    The button status is not active:

    The usage requirements have not yet been met:

    The minimum number of points at which you can use the ability is 5, the maximum is 20. Further points will not accumulate.

    Accumulation of points: 1 hit of the main character or mercenaries adds 1 point.

    Accumulated unused points are saved in the outer city (when killing monsters on the map) and in the raid.

    If you move to a new map or enter a new dungeon, the accumulated points will be reset.

    The awakening abilities depend on the class.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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