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    Available by the icon

    Sign-in Gifts

    Log in to the game every day during the event and receive gifts.

    For a certain number of entries, you can get an additional gift – Golden Feathers Sigil (Permanent)!

    Attention: you can not get a reward for a missed day.

    Career History

    Complete various tasks and get a reward for it!

    Some tasks will be opened on different days.

    From 1 to 30 August:

    • Hero
    • Arma
    • Equipment
    • Relic
    • Companions
    • Outfit
    • Mount
    • Wings
    • Soul Armor

    From August 1 to August 10:

    • Mount (Awaken)
    • Arma (Empower, Carve)
    • Relic (Advance, Augment)

    From August 11 to August 20:

    • Wings (Wings)
    • Hero (Augment, Augment Blessing, Promote, Ascend, Hero’s Spirit)
    • Equipment (Empower, Devour, Gem)
    • Soul Armor (Augment, Shine)

    From 21 to 30 August:

    • Companions (Augment, Soul Order)
    • Charm (Augment, Starsoul)
    • Outfit (Augment)

    Topaz Gift

    Buy Topaz during the event and get additional rewards.

    Discount Shop

    Buy rare and useful products at huge discounts! The number of products is limited.

    Some stores will open on different days.

    From August 1 to August 10:

    • Mount
    • Arma
    • Relic

    From August 11 to August 20:

    • Wings
    • Hero
    • Equipment
    • Magic Circle

    From 21 to 31 August:

    • Companions
    • Charm
    • Outfit


    Greet the heroes and get an Anniversary Gift as a gift:

    There are three categories of greetings available:

    • Highest BR
    • Server Hero League (you can choose a player)
    • Arena Champion

    You will receive a gift for greeting in each category.


    Available by the icon

    Get additional rewards during the event for meeting certain conditions!

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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