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    Available by icon

    The event hosts the top 16 registered alliances. Points and rank depend on the maximum rating of the alliance members.



    The veil of mystery has fallen from the dragon kingdoms, where a fierce battle took place a hundred years ago. The drums of war began to beat again in order to win the favor of the dragons.


    After the selection, the alliances are divided into 8 factions that fight on a certain battlefield and capture cities to gain power. At the end of the battle stage, a faction rating is formed based on the received power.

    This mode opens up a new battlefield where lords, controlling armies, can fight in real time.

    Terms of alliance participation: the alliance server must have been opened more than 20 days ago, and the alliance must have at least 25 active members.

    Conditions for the lord’s participation: the castle must be above level 17.

    Stages of the event

    The event consists of 5 stages: registration, selection, distribution, battles and calculation.

    1. Registration

    Only the head or an officer of a suitable alliance can register to participate in the event.

    Duration of the stage: 2 days.

    1. Selection

    Registered alliances are divided into groups based on the evaluation of the alliance. The top 16 alliances end up on the great battlefield, and the rest end up on the regular battlefield.

    Duration of the stage: 1 day.

    Note: during the selection process, you cannot change the list of participants and dissolve the alliance.

    1. Distribution

    Alliances are distributed on the battlefield into 8 factions (4 red, 4 blue). Colors are used for equal distribution. They do not indicate diplomatic relations between the alliances.

    The top 8 alliances on each battlefield become faction leaders. The rest of the alliances are assigned a color (red or blue). Red alliances join only red factions, blue ones join blue factions. After the distribution, the heads and leaders of the alliances can join the faction of the appropriate color.

    The number of alliances in a faction is limited (calculated by dividing the number of alliances by 8 and rounding to an integer).

    Duration of the stage: 3 days.

    Note: at this stage, you can change the list of participants, but you cannot dissolve the alliance. The change in the membership of the alliance does not affect the selection of the event in the current season.

    1. Battles

    After the distribution, the battles begin. All heads of alliances in the faction (the heads of alliances who led the factions during the selection) become commanders. They can appoint 4 alliance members as adjutants. Commanders and adjutants lead the factions in the current season of the event.

    1. Calculation

    After the battles, the counting of the results begins. During this stage, the Lords will receive rewards for the current season of the event.

    An ordinary battlefield and a great battlefield

    The 16 best alliances end up on the great battlefield, where you can win more valuable rewards.


    World map

    1. Cities

    There are many types of cities on the map. Each type of city has its own characteristics. Capture the cities you need, depending on their destination.

    You can also find special structures in cities.

    1. Regions

    The battlefield consists of diamond-shaped regions belonging to factions. To take over a region, capture its towns and villages.

    From the allied regions, troops can return to the city.

    1. Villages

    There are also many villages on the map that connect the cities.

    Capture villages to spread influence in the region.

    Capture of villages

    1. Start of capture

    To capture a village, you need to connect the region where it is located with the union region. There should be a source or military city between them.

    1. Capture progress

    The struggle for the village between the attacking and the defending side is reflected in the progress bar of the capture. The faction that has deployed troops near the village is gaining progress faster.

    1. Restoration of the village

    If the attacking side wins, the village will be destroyed. After that, it must be restored. You can only connect regions with restored villages. It is possible to capture neighboring regions only after the restoration of villages.

    1. Fortresses

    The restored village can be upgraded to a fortress. Fortresses protect villages from capture from allied regions.

    Capture of cities

    1. Declaration of war

    To attack the city, the faction commanders must declare war on it. Only one faction can declare war on one city at a time. You can declare war only if the city is located in a region connected to allied cities.

    The battle begins some time after the declaration of war. If the city is neutral, the waiting period is 5 minutes. If the city belongs to another faction, the waiting period is 10 hours.

    1. Battles

    Duration: 1 hour.

    The battle is divided into three stages: storming the gates, destroying the administration and filling the progress bar.

    Storming the gates: to get into the city, you need to destroy the gates.

    Destruction of the council: after entering the city, you need to destroy the council.

    Filling the progress bar: After the destruction of the board, the parties begin to fill the progress bar. The faction that has deployed troops near the council is gaining progress faster.

    1. The end of the war

    A city is considered captured if the attacking side has filled the progress bar within an hour. Troops that do not belong to the attacking side become invulnerable and return to their city. Items are not consumed at the same time.

    If the city is not captured within an hour, the defending side wins. Troops that do not belong to the defending side become invulnerable and return to their city. Items are not consumed at the same time.


    Eight factions are fighting in the event. Each faction has its own flag.


    The endurance indicator is used in the event. Endurance is one of the key factors affecting the final outgoing/incoming damage of troops. The higher it is, the greater the outgoing damage and the less incoming damage.

    The troops start the war with maximum endurance. It is gradually decreasing. 1 point is spent on overcoming a certain distance, also 1 point is spent every 6 seconds. in battle.

    Assignment of troops

    Each lord is assigned 10,000,000 soldiers. They can only be used in this mode. You can choose any available type of troops and send troops on an expedition.


    1. In the event, soldiers do not die, but they can get seriously wounded and go to the infirmary. Soldiers have a basic 15% chance of getting seriously wounded.
    2. Troops are treated faster and consume fewer resources than in the Westeros infirmary.
    3. The event has an infirmary for commanders. If the troops are defeated, their commander gets wounded, which goes away after a while. Injuries can be cured immediately with the help of objects. While the commander is recovering, he cannot participate in the expedition.



    Use keyboard shortcuts to issue commands faster.

    Basic hotkeys

    Other hotkeys

    By selecting a squad, you will be able to see the available actions in the lower right corner of the screen. Depending on the type of squad, up to 12 teams are available. They correspond to 12 hotkeys. Starting from the upper left corner: Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F, Z, X, C and ESC.


    Faction Rewards for Power Rating

    Faction rewards for power rating are given to participants (entry to the battlefield is required) at the end of the season, depending on the power of the faction.

    1 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 100
    • Black Bear Meat – 100
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 14

    2 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 90
    • Black Bear Meat – 90
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 12

    3 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 85
    • Black Bear Meat – 85
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 10

    4 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 80
    • Black Bear Meat – 80
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 8

    5 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 70
    • Black Bear Meat – 70
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 7

    6 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 60
    • Black Bear Meat – 60
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 6

    7 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 55
    • Black Bear Meat – 55
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 5

    8 place:

    • Lightning Essence – 50
    • Black Bear Meat – 50
    • 3 hrs Speed Up (Heal) – 5

    Personal rewards for rating kills

    Personal rewards for the kill rating are given to participants (entrance to the battlefield is required) at the end of the season, depending on the number of kills.

    1 point is awarded for the severe injury of troops P1, 2 points for the severe injury of troops P2, 4 points for the severe injury of troops P3, 8 points for the severe injury of troops P4, 15 points for the severe injury of troops P5.

    1 place:

    • Unyielding coupon (30 days) – 1
    • [Ancient] Deception – 1
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 1 000
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 200
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 20

    2 place:

    • Unyielding coupon (14 days) – 1
    • [Ancient] Deception – 1
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 1 000
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 180
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 18

    3 place:

    • Unyielding coupon (7 days) – 1
    • [Ancient] Deception – 1
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 800
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 160
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 16

    4-20 place:

    • Unyielding coupon (3 days) – 1
    • Deception – Fragment – 60
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 700
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 140
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 14

    21-50 place:

    • Deception – Fragment – 50
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 600
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 100
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 12

    51-100 place:

    • Deception – Fragment – 40
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 500
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 80
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 10

    101-300 place:

    • Deception – Fragment – 30
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 400
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 70
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 8

    301-600 place:

    • Deception – Fragment – 20
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 300
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 60
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 6

    601-1000 place:

    • Deception – Fragment – 10
    • weapon Reforge Ore – 200
    • Weapon Locking Ore – 40
    • Gold Dragons 200 000 – 5


    Combat characteristics

    The improvement of the lord’s characteristics does not affect the troops participating in the expedition.


    At the end of the season, acceleration items, rebirth water, and return runestones to the city disappear.

    Commanders and Dragons

    The data of the commanders and dragons are transferred from Westeros to the event, but the battlefields in Westeros and the events are independent of each other.

    Important: Captive commanders in Westeros can participate in the event.

    Army Size

    The effect of the Septa of Seven “Army Size” is not available during the event.

    Technical works

    If the server is turned off before the start of the battle, the waiting period for cities that have declared war is extended by 8 hours.

    If it has started, the battle will continue until the end of the siege.

    The struggle for the village also continues.

    If the server is down during an important battle, contact customer support when it is up and running.

    Distrust and blacklist

    Distrust: You can express distrust to the commander, after which all other commanders can vote for or against. The commander is declared a no-confidence vote if more than half of the lords vote for it. After that, he loses his status and all rights.

    Abstaining votes are counted as votes against.

    Blacklist: The commander can add an ordinary faction member to the blacklist. Such a participant will not be able to take the faction’s resources from the warehouse and recruit troops to the barracks.

    The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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