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Grand battlefield lvl 100

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    in the grand battlefield you should go to a lvl up.

    there is grand battle field for players 80-99. after passing lvl 100 you should get into the grand battlefield lvl 100+. This is done so the players below lvl 100 to not have to fight against the much stronger ones, so they get a chance to get there militairy merrits.

    i am lvl 103 and most players can not even get a small scratch on my hero. 1 atalanta kills like 20 of there deamons. so they have no chance against me.

    But i am still playing in the 80-99 section, blocking all cities for them…

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    Thanks for your feedback. I will forward the information today for review.
    In addition, you can always report everything to support, where all information is immediately considered. You can always be sure that your message will be viewed.

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