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    We are working on making the game playable in our game client.

    Sorry, I stole your comment on the game being played on the client.
    Is there any progress on the Game of Thrones Winter is Coming browser game being added to the game client for a more stable game play environment or experience?

    Thank you for your assistance and all the things you do, it is appreciated!

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    Unfortunately, there is no new information on this issue yet(

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    PO K327

    so any chance in the last year and a half there has been a change on the Client working for this game, or on the chat button being added to it like other providers of GoTWiC have on their software? just curious, think i been patient, yes?

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    The game is currently only available in the browser. At the moment, there is no information that it will be available in the client in the near future.

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