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Full Ascension from Epic to Genesis

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    I’ve been evolving my Torvas’taz, and I thought I’d ask other players about what is needed all the way from Epic to Genesis. Here’s what I know:

    Epic -> Epic+ 2 of the same Epic hero, plus 3 Epic heroes of the same element.
    Epic+ -> Legendary 5 Epic heroes of the same element.
    Legendary -> Legendary+ 1 Epic+ hero and 5 Epic heroes of the same element.

    I have not yet evolved a hero to Legendary+, but I got another Torvas and was told I need it for Myth. To those players out there who got Genesis heroes: What are the required hero materials to fully evolve an Epic all the way to a Genesis hero?

    Thank you in advance if anyone answers this question.

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    Legend + to Myth – 1 Legend, 1 Epic+ Fire, 1 Torvas’Taz Epic

    Myth to Genesis have to pass as I can’t remember exactly (Think you needed 1 Legend and 5 Epics), but you don’t need a Torvas than for sure

    Genesis to Genesis 1-star also forgot

    Genesis 1-star to Genesis 2-star – 1 Torvas’Taz Legend, 1 Legend, 1 Epic+ Fire, Awaken Jade x10

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