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Events from October 3 – «Sky Tower», «Dragon egg», «Odin’s Vault» and «Queen Arrival»

Forums Eternal Fury: Resurrected News Events from October 3 – «Sky Tower», «Dragon egg», «Odin’s Vault» and «Queen Arrival»

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    From October 3 to 5, take part in the construction of the «Sky Tower».

    Build a tower using the Realm Dust item, which can be found in the event itself, and get a reward for each floor. The more floors you build, the higher your place in the ranking will be and the better the reward will be!

    You will also have access to personal and guild tasks, fulfilling the conditions of which you will be able to get even more rewards.

    And in a special event exchanger, you can exchange Sky Badges for rare and useful goods.

    Attention unused Sky Badges will disappear after the end of the event.

    Available Rewards:

    • Cards for Force Book
    • Dim Star Sand
    • Martyr Coin
    • Ancient Coin
    • SSR Hero Card Shard
    • UR Card Chest
    • Promotion Sapphire
    • and much more

    You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

    From October 4 to 6 participate in the «Dragon egg» event.

    Break eggs using Golden Hammer, get rewards, earn points and collect the best rating rewards!

    Available Rewards:

    • Improved Hero Pact
    • Rare appearances
    • Diamonds
    • Power Potion
    • Holy Feather
    • and much more

    More information about the event and awards can be found in the guide.

    From October 4 to 6 visit «Odin’s Vault».

    Spin the wheel using the Vault Token to get high-level legendary or mythical gear:

    • Lv. 70 Mythic Armor Chest
    • Lv. 80 Legendary Off-Hand Chest
    • Source of Conflict
    • Lv. 70 Mythic Weapon Chest
    • Voiddrake’s Remorse
    • Lv. 80 Legendary Weapon Chest
    • and much more

    Do not miss the opportunity to become the owner of the treasures of God and become the strongest fighter of the three worlds.

    You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

    From October 4 to 17, the «Queen Arrival» event is available for you, which consists of many sections:

    • Login
    • Martyr Summon
    • BR Challenge
    • Activity Pass
    • Martyr Prayer
    • Time-limited Quest
    • Carnival Pack

    Enter the game every day and receive gifts, participate in the call and win guaranteed rewards, pass special tests and become the owner of valuable items, increase the progress of the pass and collect nice gifts.

    For the purchase of game currency during the event, you can get Prayer attempts that guarantee the receipt of rare items, as well as become the owner of special sets containing Summon Horn and other necessary things.

    Complete various tasks that will open at a certain time, and get nice rewards. Additional rewards will be given to those players who complete a certain number of tasks.

    Participate and win:

    • Diamonds
    • Divine Summon Chest Shard
    • Dim Star Sand
    • Frigga Card Shard
    • Meteorite crystal
    • Cloud Armor
    • and much more

    You will also have the opportunity to win special rewards:

    • Primeval Wings

    • Costume Pool Party, weapon Inflatable Shark and Summer Badge

    • Relic – Wings Shoes

    You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

    Have a nice game!

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    Li fei

    1) down left hand corner the pointer click that location but the character wont move.
    2) City war battle for guild please provide guide book as it does not seem to work. guild member cannot donate.
    3) the consumption chest cannot be claimed (see picture)
    4) Join goddess guidance, left lane, there is 3 bosses monster appearing every wave, unable to really identify which is the boss monster until you have killed it.

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    Please provide screenshots for each issue. The problem is not entirely clear from the description.

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