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Events from December 23 – «Increase Power», «Angler’s Feast» and «Alliance Conquest»

Forums Game of Thrones News Events from December 23 – «Increase Power», «Angler’s Feast» and «Alliance Conquest»

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    From December 23 to 25 you can take part in the event «Increase Power».

    Raise your Power in various ways and get nice rewards. 

    And the first 100 participants of the rating will receive additional bonuses.

    By participating in the event, you can get:

    • Diamonds
    • Mark of the True Dragon
    • Resources
    • Speed Up
    • and much more

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    From December 23 to 27, go fishing in the “Angler’s Feast” event!

    The king arranges a grand fish festival and calls on the inhabitants of the kingdom to unite and make Westeros a prosperous continent.

    Complete tasks, catch fish, get into the rating, fill out Fishipedia and exchange fish points for rare items in the event store!

    The bravest and most formidable lords will be richly rewarded!


    • Mark of the True Dragon
    • Blessing Stone
    • Outstanding Commander Selection Pack
    • Battle Diamond
    • Epic General Token
    • And much more

    You can read more about the event and rewards in the guide.

    Attention! Some events can start in different kingdoms on different days.

    The Lannisters fight the Targaryens for Casterly Rock. Who will win this battle: the majestic Guardians of the West or the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms?

    Which side will you fight on?

    Participate in the Battle of Alliances from December 24 to 27, earn points and get the best ranking rewards.

    The event takes place in the format of seasons, each season consists of several stages.

    At the end of the season, the results are summed up and an award is given to the best players and Alliances:

    • Various accelerators
    • Gold Dragons
    • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
    • Friendship Chest
    • Spirit of Weirwood Tree
    • Diamonds
    • Appearance of the castle
    • Title
    • and more

    The rules of the Alliance Battle can be found in the guide.

    Have a nice game!

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