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Events from December 22 – «Theresa’s Summoner» and «X-Server Roulette»

Forums League of Angels 3 News Events from December 22 – «Theresa’s Summoner» and «X-Server Roulette»

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    From December 22 to 23, the «Theresa’s Summoner» event is available for you.

    Complete various tasks and get a reward for it.

    For completing some tasks, you will have a unique opportunity to exchange various game currency for useful items.

    You can get:

    • Tabitha Shard
    • Theresa Shard
    • Blessing of the Angels
    • Recruitment Scroll II
    • Holy Feather
    • Stellar Stone
    • and much more.

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    From December 22 to 24, spin the «X-Server Roulette» wheel.

    Regular and elite roulette are available.

    Spin the wheel, place bets, and get rewards for points and rating.

    And in the special event store, you can exchange the received chips for rare and useful items.

    For participating in the event, You can get:

    • Build scroll
    • Part of the tower Key
    • Amulet forging stone
    • Drawings of equipment
    • Chests of gems
    •  Part Of the ring of truth
    • and much more

    You can get to know so much more about this in the guide.

    We wish you a pleasant game!

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