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Events from April 7 – «Spin to Win Rank», «Angel Permit», «Weekend revelry» and «Surprise event»

Forums League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury News Events from April 7 – «Spin to Win Rank», «Angel Permit», «Weekend revelry» and «Surprise event»

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    From April 7 to 10, participate in the «Spin to Win Rank» event.

    Spin the wheel using the Wheel of Fortune Voucher and win rewards!

    1 free spin attempt is available daily.

    For each participation, in addition to rewards, you will receive Lucky Coins that can be exchanged in the Event Store for rare items.

    They’re waiting for you:

    • Chests with a choice of equipment
    • Improvement Stones
    • Rework Stones
    • Regular and Pink diamonds
    • The flame of the Condor
    • Scrolls abilities
    • and more

    Read more about the event in guide.

    From April 7 to May 8, the event «Angel Permit» will be held.

    Complete tasks of varying difficulty, earn experience and get nice rewards.

    There are two types of rewards available:

    • Beginner Permit – open to all players
    • Advanced Permit – can be unlocked additionally and receive premium rewards

    Possible rewards:

    • Fragment of the Holy Grail
    • The divine origin of the angel
    • Title
    • Fruit of growth
    • Crystal Shield of Magic
    • Fragments of the costume
    • Ability Scroll
    • Fragment of Fate
    • and more

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    From April 9 to 11, you will have an «Weekend revelry».

    The event consists of several sections:

    • Small Recharge
    • Big Spender’s Pinnacle
    • Super Discount
    • Weekend Purchases

    Get gifts for small deposits, win the best rating awards, and buy rare and useful items at huge discounts!

    You can get:

    • Fruit of growth
    • Star Array Force Order
    • Title
    • Regular and pink diamonds
    • Condor Flame
    • The meaning of the oath
    • Various gems
    • Proof of title
    • and much more

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    From April 9 to 11, attend the Angel Banquet in the «Surprise Event».

    Complete interesting tasks, collect Cakes from the banquet and get rewards.

    You can visit:

    • Royal Banquet
    • Gods Banquet

    The Royal Banquet can be attended by all players, the Gods Banquet is only available to a select few!

    Among the awards you will find:

    • Regular and pink diamonds
    • Rework Stones
    • The power of the God of War and Thunder
    • The flame of the Condor
    • Titles
    • Star Pen and Time Pen
    • Perfusion stones
    • and more

    You can read more about the event in the guide.

    Have a nice game!

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