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Event «Smashing Egg» + «Exchange»(11/19/2019)

Forums Rise of Dragons News Event «Smashing Egg» + «Exchange»(11/19/2019)

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    Great news, Friends!

    We are pleased to announce that today was launched an exciting event “Smashing Egg” in which you can get a lot of valuable awards and consumables!

    Event – “Smashing Egg”
    A small mini-game in which you need to break eggs and get presents.

    ► In each egg are hidden various materials for improving your character.
    ► You can break an egg with Gold.
    ► Each attempt costs 20 Gold.
    ► For a certain number of broken eggs you can get an additional reward (in the right part of the event window)

    At the top of the screen you can see an example of awards that you can get by breaking an egg. But this does not mean that only those items are hidden in the eggs at the moment.

    Please note that events may not be available on servers where server start events have not completed yet. Before taking part in them, make sure that they are available on your server.

    Exchange of a miracle beast
    Event time 11-19-2019 – 11-25-2019

    Now you have the opportunity to exchange Summon Scroll for activation cards of unique Mounts and Pets:

    – If you want to ride on War Elephant or Griffin, you need to collect 100 scrolls;
    – If you want to use Night Boy or Minotaur like a pet, you need to collect 100 or 200 scrolls.

    Summon Scroll you can get from Smash Egg event.

    Participate in the event and you can not only stand out among the players of Rise of Dragons, but also greatly increase Combat Power your character.

    Have a nice game!

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