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Emblem guide (Needs opinions)

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    First I want to say level your emblems to level 4. It does not matter what type you level it to, just get it or them to level 4. At level 4 you can change them to whatever you want using Emblem Reshape Talley (purple rug looking thing). Using the reshape Talley before level 4 just waste gold.
    My Opinion: According to Hero Abilities. Some Tanks do Damage according to HP level, so adjust your emblems to maximize specific abilities.
    General Emblem Priority
    Tanks: HP, Evasion, Damage reduction, Hit or Status Hit

    Warrior / Assassins: Attack, Crit, Crit Damage, Hit, Hp

    Support Healers: Evasion, HP, Concentration (Con), Damage reduction

    Mages: Attack with Hit and Status Hit becomes a strong priority. Example being SET (wood) his plague changes or affects the status of the hero it hits. The change is according to the amount of Attack SET currently has.

    Support Attackers: Very Dependent on Abilities: IF your support affects or changes the hero being attacked, Status hit examples (Stun, Knock Down, turn to stone).

    #1 Hit is the ability to not miss your target. You want 100% before anything else if an attacking Hero. Status hit as high as close to 100%. No good if you can not hit your target, lots of Attack, crit, or crit damage is wasted if you miss your target.

    The attack raises damage, crit % allows for more high sustained damage per attack: get high as possible. Crit Damage % is a multiplier and raises Crit Damage output. Honestly, I choose High Crit 100%, Crit Damage high as possible, and stack Attack after that.

    I encourage and welcome people to comment and add opinions. This is just a quick write and more testing is going on, so it is not set in stone and needs more work.

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    I agree on leveling emblems to 4 and then using a protector to go to 5.
    I am still trying to figure out how emblems work in unison ie: main emblems relate to
    blues yellows and reds. does this work in a vertical or horizontal pattern ie:
    main emblem yellow to first line up vertically of emblems and so on?
    As emblems control movement on battle field etc.

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    None of the daily tasks. io games

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