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cross server and grand battle timing

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    I do not understand why these 2 impostant events are done at the current times. As I am aware the Kingdom of war is made for east european players. Right now these 2 daily events are done for them at 4 am. For me it is 3 am.

    This means to keep up I am forced to play every night and that is impossible. People need there sleep.

    This is also the reason a lot of players quit after a little while. They cant get relic essances nor the nobilety upgrades, unless they let the game rule there life and they dont sleep at normal times.

    It really should be changed to like after the 3rd state war. that would be 23:00 for them what is reaseneble.

    even for americans this time would fit. Only for asian players this would be night, but we dont have those on the servers….

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    I think that it is quite reasonable to change the time. We will inform the developers.

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    as a working english man who recharges and cannot be up at 2 or 3 am i cannot get relic essence and its pretty much the only way to get it so am stuck , also battle merit loss as that also is at a stupid time in the am .. makes me want to quit recharging and quit the game … getting bored waiting on time changes and any fixes on this game now

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    HELP!!!!!! Like the “participants” above, the times for these “must do to get on” events are utterly unfair. We are faithful to the game yet excluded from an important part of it becauce we in England need to sleep when these events are on. Come on now and give us a chance !!

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    dont worry, nobody is able to play them for 2 months now. And it seems they closed Ancient war servers… Prolly the game will be closed here as well very soon.

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    To the Missing-In-Action Developers:

    Still NO fix, nor even a reply from game-developers, for this Event times issue.
    How about providing those Event times TWICE a day, instead of only once.

    I notice developers did a big upgrade recently but ignored this issue.

    I haven’t “Recharged” yet in Eternal Fury, because the Recharge Bonuses aren’t worth the price asked. I have, however, bought bonuses, several times, in other Esprit games … those with much more generous bonuses.

    Now that I understand why I have never been given the opportunity to participate in the Cross-Server and Grand Battle events, it’s doubtful that I’ll spend money on this game, even though, it’s one of my favorite online games.

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    Why no Edit option in Esprit forums?

    This is obviously NOT an Eternal Fury issue,
    so I apologize for confusing the two games.

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