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Crash problem and optimization

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    Dear players!

    Many of you are faced with such a problem as crashes from the game, freezes and other errors related to the optimization of the League of Angels launcher: Fury of Heaven. In this article, we will tell you how to solve the optimization problem and reduce the frequency of departures to a minimum.

    1. Open the “Device Manager”, find → “System devices” → “High-precision event timer” in the list. Right-click on it and click disable. Restart your computer and try to start the game.


    2. Click the “Restart computer” button.
    When the first signs of system startup appear, you need to press one of the buttons that will launch the computer into BIOS mode:


    The location of this function in the BIOS depends on the BIOS version, but most often in the “Advanced → PCH Configuration” section. After starting the computer in BIOS mode, you need to find the line “High Precision Timer” or “High Precision Event Timer” and set the value “Disabled”, save the settings and restart the system. After disconnecting, the gameplay will be smoother. Disabling this feature will not harm your computer or laptop in any way.




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