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"Constellation Mystery" hot update at 18.06.2021

Forums Dark Genesis News "Constellation Mystery" hot update at 18.06.2021

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    ★ James ★

    Tomorrow, June 18th, Dark Genesis servers will be unavailable since 03:00 (UTC-5) within 2 hours for “Constellation Mystery” hot update installing. Please logout game in advance and don’t login during maintenance to avoid any problems.

    1. Added Gameplays: [Constellation Maze], [Constellation], and [Mini Army]

    [Constellation Maze]
    Enable Level: Lv. 68
    Function Entrance: [Capital] – [Explore] [Constellation Maze]
    Gameplay Mechanics:
    – You have 1 challenge attempt daily. You may spend gems to purchase challenge attempts. The purchasable attempts are related to the VIP level.
    – Different difficulties are related to different monster level parameters, which provide a bonus for the equivalent drop rewards.
    – You may perform clear to the cleared difficulty, granting the rewards of the entire instance upon clearing.

    Enable Level: Lv. 68
    Function Entrance: [Capital] – [Divine Realm] – [Constellation]
    Gameplay Mechanics:
    – You may spend items to advance the Constellation.
    – Each Constellation can only allow one hero to be contracted. After being contracted, the hero will receive the constellation’s stats and skill effects.

    [Mini Army]
    Enable Level: Lv. 120
    Function Entrance: [Capital] – [Training] – [Mini Army]
    Gameplay Mechanics:
    – You may spend resources to feed the Mini Army to gain supply points. When the supply points are full, the Mini Army will level up, granting stats bonus
    – Before upgrading Mini Army to the next phase, the final level also features additional boost and changes
    – There is an acquire limit for the supply points daily

    2. Added 3 New Heroes
    New Fire Hero [Guan Yu] has joined, class: Warrior
    New Light Hero [Cupid] has joined, class: Support
    New Dark Hero [Selina] has joined, class: Assassin

    3. Gameplay Optimization
    (1). Added the first total recharge rewards at the level of 5000 gems and 10000 gems
    (2). Adjusted the opening time of Alpha Map to be the whole Saturday
    – Warm-up Period: 10:00 Saturday ~ 11:00 Saturday. During this protection period, the player can only garrison their cities and cannot attack others’
    – Combat Period: 11:00 Saturday ~ 20:00 Saturday. When the event starts officially, all cities can be attacked
    – Combat Period: 20:00 Saturday ~ 21:00 Saturday. All hell breaks loose
    (3). Fairy Gameplay Optimization: The available attempts info is now displayed. Added a “+” symbol behind the attempts to allow the players to purchase more attempts
    (4). Added the Rollback and Transfer function of the Airship
    (5). Added more Treasure Maps in the Great Voyage
    (6). Corrected the attempts recovery of Friend Gifting and Gold Redeem to be at 5:00 AM of the server time
    (7). Added Bulk Purchase function of the daily pack
    (8). Added easy function like “select all” in Ascend Heroes
    (9). Added 10 more Advanced Fairies
    (10). Added the function that allows the player to redeem Fairy Heart with Fairy Egg
    (11). Added Tap and Hold to strengthen in Gear Strengthen quickly
    (12). Added the info page display of player’s VIP level
    (13). Fixed other known bugs

    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by  ★ James ★.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by  ★ James ★.
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    nice!!! thats what i am talking about lot of fixes, great going James!

    Last edited: 17.06.2021 11:55
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    mini army level 120 to access is hard to reach….and hopefully goodies distribute everyday reward is not the same as free players

    Last edited: 17.06.2021 11:55
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    there are lot which unlocks at 120. many in elemental abyss too. 120 seems like significant game play upgrade point.

    Last edited: 17.06.2021 11:55
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    very nice keep up the good work guys

    Last edited: 17.06.2021 11:55

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