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Client loading wrong game

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    I believe there must have been an update as client looks much different today. Client is defaulting to russian and there is not a log in option. When I select english, it automatically loads wartime …a game I do not play. I cannot find a way to get to Rise Of Dragons as the links seem to be mixed up or broken.

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    I also have the same problem. Can’t connect to the game for 2 hours.

    I am not directed to the game I want to enter but to another game

    I ask that the problem be fixed as soon as possible

    Thank you from now

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    Client updated yesterday since then it does not work normal anymore and going to Russian all the time please fix it playing through browser is very laggy

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    After the client up date i can not even get it to load. I re-downloaded it from the website and it is all Russian and will not even load to install.

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