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Cannot level pass 100

Forums Rakshasa Technical issues Cannot level pass 100

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    I reach level 100 yesterday and it said that the next goal is to reach 105. The experience bar is max out but it won’t go pass 100. The upgrade said the red level will come at 105, but I can’t go pass 100.

    Please let me know what I can do at level 100. I saw couple people in my server leave the game after they get level 100. Is the game intend for us to stop playing after level 100?

    Also, the senior scroll for fatestone level 85 doesn’t drop anywhere. The one in the shop said it will promote to only purple but not ultra rare?

    When are we going to have next event? I enjoy this game and want it to continue.

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    At this moment, you have the access to the full open functionality of a game. Currently, we are about to work under updating as well as improving the game. As of the “senior scrolls for fatestone”, they`re not available, unfortunately at the moment. But we wil be working hard to provide you this option.

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