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Bugged on Wings of Light and Fel Drake Ring shards?

Forums Rise of Dragons Technical issues Bugged on Wings of Light and Fel Drake Ring shards?

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    I bought Wings of Light, which suposse to increase stats by 20% for each rank up after rank 4. My wings are stuck at 10% bonus even when im rank 6.
    Fel Drake Ring shards, i play for 2 months and never got one shard yet, this is not normal, in these 2 months i attended every Fort Frost, i crafted alot of Shard Boxes.

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    Dear player,

    1. In this case, there is no technical error. Wings should add 10% to the stats.
    After 4 ranks and 1 star, you get more points when filling out the blessing scale, i.e. when you press the Upgrade button, the scale is filled for more points (on 20%) https://prnt.sc/pix5pd

    2. Please send a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

    Your screenshots show that not all elements of the game are displayed.
    You can install the micro-client. Then everything will be displayed correctly.
    Installation information can be found here – https://clck.ru/JVzHL

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by  Фырк.

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