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Bonus for spending and recharge ingots!

Forums Rakshasa News Bonus for spending and recharge ingots!

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    Brave Spirit holders!

    The merging of the worlds has happened! Heroes are now not alone, but evil has become stronger! Therefore, you need to strengthen your hero and associates!

    You will get many bonuses for recharge and spent ingots during the period from 11.11 to 15.11!

    This event is available only for the following servers: s1+s2+s3+s4+s5+s6

    Total recharge:

    • 140 ingots – Key X3, Serum Jade X100
    • 280 ingots – R.2 Orange Fatestone Case x1, Serum Jade X100, Key X5
    • 980 ingots – R.2 Orange Fatestone Case x2, Serum Jade X200
    • 1960 ingots – R.1 Red Fatestone Case, R.2 Red Fatestone Case x1, Evergreen fragment X20
    • 3920 ingots – R.1 Red Fatestone Case, R.2 Red Fatestone Case x2, Lv.5 Gem Bag X3, Evergreen fragment X25
    • 4900 ingots – R.2 Red Fatestone Case, R.3 Red Fatestone Case x2, Lv.6 Gem Bag x1, Baptism Protection Token X3

    Attention! You can only get 1 reward when you reach a certain recharge amoun.

    Total spending:

    • 490 ingots- Devil Dan X50, Talisman Skill Book x4
    • 980 ingots – Baptism Token x1, Lv.5 Gem Bag x1, Key x1
    • 1960 ingots – Baptism Protection Token x3, Lv.5 Gem Bag x2, Key x3
    • 3920 ingots – Baptism Protection Token x3, Lv.5 Gem Bag x3, Key x5, Red enhancement token x1

    Attention! You can get all the rewards.

    Rewards will be sent out within 5 days after the event. Only ingots are counted in the event, B-ingots doesn’t take part in the action(event).

    Have a nice game!

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    Ah, ok. Good to know that we players who came to enjoy a ‘free to play’ experience end up with NOTHING in the end! Only payers can have right to play and try and compete properly hm?.. I’m very close to leaving game, unless something gives VERY FAST, I am going to have to unfortunately leave this once wonderful game. This choice is in your hands, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s said such claims and accusations to you devs before either!

    Come out players! Tell them how we want a just and fair game! We are looking for justice and demand to get it!

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    Good luck they dont even punish people that clearly cheat like leena who is vip3 and 60k stronger than someone who has actually invested money into the game yet because this person found a way to exploit the system has everything

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