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    Silvaco Parasitic 2008.09 Solaris
    Silvaco UT 2007.04 Linux
    Silvaco UT 2007.04 Linux64
    Silvaco UT 2007.04 Solaris
    Silvaco VWF 2007.04 Linux
    Silvaco VWF 2007.04 Linux64
    Silvaco VWF 2007.04 Solaris
    Parallel SmartSpice 1.9.3.E
    Synopsys ASIP Designer vS-2021.12 Win64 & Linux64
    Synopsys ASIP Designer vO-2018.09 SP3-1 Win64 & Linux64
    Synopsys Asip Lab 2018 Linux
    Synopsys Astro vZ-2007.03 SP10 Linux
    Synopsys Astro vZ-2007.03 SP10 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys Astro IU vZ-2007.03 SP10 Linux
    Synopsys Astro IU vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE32
    Synopsys Astro Rail vZ-2007.03 SP7 Linux
    Synopsys.Astro-rail vZ-2007.03 SP7 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys.Astro-rail vZ-2007.03 SP7 Linuxipf
    Synopsys Astro Rail vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE32
    Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SPARC64
    Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SPARCOS5
    Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE32
    Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE64
    Synopsys.Cadabra.vB-2008.09 Linux
    Synopsys.Cadabra.vB-2008.09 SparcOS5
    Synopsys.Cadabra.vB-2008.09 Suse32
    Synopsys CATS vJ-2014.06 SP4 Linux
    Synopsys Certify vG-2012.09 Win32
    Synopsys Certify vE-2011.09 Linux
    Synopsys.CoCentric.System.Studio vX-2005.06 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys.Common.Licensing(Scl) v1.2 for WinNT
    Synopsys Component vC-2009.06 SP1 Win32
    Synopsys Component vC-2009.06 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Coretools vR-2020.12 SP4 Linux
    Synopsys Coretools vK-2015.06 SP5 Linux32_64
    Synopsys CoreTools vJ-2014.12 SP1 Linux32_64
    Synopsys SYN vT-2022.03 SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools(syn) vO-2018.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
    Synopsys.CoreSynthesis.v2002.05 Linux
    Synopsys Cosmoscope vJ-2015.03 Linux32_64
    Synopsys Cosmoscope vB-2008.09 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CCSS) vE-2010.12 Linux
    Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CCSS) vE-2010.12 Msvc50
    Synopsys CSS vG-2012.03 SP2 Linux
    Synopsys CSS vC-2009.03 SP1 SparcOS5
    Synopsys CSS vC-2009.03 SP1 GccsparcOS5
    Synopsys Customcompiler vO-2018.09-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys.Customdesigner vC-2009.06 Linux
    Synopsys.Customdesigner vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys Customexp vG-2012.06 SP1 Win32
    Symopsys CustomSim (XA) vO-2018.09-SP5 Linux64
    Synopsys Customsim vK-2015.06 Linux
    Synopsys CustomSim 2014.09 SP4 Linux64
    Symopsys CustomSim (XA) 2013 Linux32_64
    Synopsys Custom WaveView(WV) vS-2021.09 Windows
    Synopsys WaveView vS-2021.09 Linux64
    Synopsys Wave View vO-2018.09-SP2 Windows
    Synopsys Wave View vO-2018.09-SP2 Linu64
    Synopsys Custom wv adv vQ-2020.03 Linux64
    Synopsys Custom WaveView vQ-2020.03.SP1 Windows
    Synopsys Custom WaveView vP-2019.06.Win64.&.Linux64
    Synopsys Custom Waveview vL-2016.06-SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys DC 2000.05 WinALL
    Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools(syn) vK-2015.06 Linux64
    Synopsys Design Compiler 2019.03 SP3 Linux
    Synopsys DVE vR-2020.12 Linux
    Synopsys Tweaker vS-2021.06 SP5 Linux
    Synopsys dorado tweaker ECO TweakerSuite vR-2020.09-SP1 Lninux
    Synopsys (Design Complier) Syn vH-2013.03 Linux32_64
    Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 SUSE32
    Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 SUSE64
    Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 x86sol32
    Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 x86sol64
    Synopsys DDR DDR2 PHY TSMC 65GP25 Linux
    Synopsys DWC DDR2 SMIC 130G33 Linux
    Synopsys Design Compiler 2008.09 Linux
    Synopsys DesignWare Extract v2.00 Linux64
    Synopsys DesignWare IP 2020.12a Linux
    Synopsys.Designware.IP.v2001.08 Linux
    Synopsys DesignWare System-Level Library vD-2009.12-SP2 Linux
    Synopsys DesignWare System-Level Library vD-2009.12-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys DFT Compiler 1 v2006.06 Linux
    Synopsys DSP vC-2009.03 SP1 Win32
    Synopsys DSP vC-2009.03 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Embedit vQ-2020.03 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Embedit vP-2019.06 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Embedit Integrator vJ-2014.12 SP1 Linux32_64
    Synopsys.ESP.vC-2009.06 Rs6000
    Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 Sparc64
    Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 SparcOS5
    Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 SUS32
    Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 SUS64
    Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 x86SOL32
    Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 x86SOL64
    Synopsys Finesim(FSIM) vK-2015.06 Linux64
    Synopsys FM vQ-2019.12 SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Formality vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys Formality.vE-2010.12 SP2 Linux
    Synopsys Formality vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
    Synopsys Fusion Compiler vT-2022.03 SP3 Linux
    Synopsys Fpga vT-2022.09 SP2 Windows
    Synopsys Fpga vT-2022.09 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys FPGA vP-2019.03-SP1 Windows
    Synopsys Fpga vN-2018.03 SP1 Windows & Linux
    Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products vJ-2015.03 SP1.Windows
    Synopsys Fpga Synthesis vG-2012.09.SP1 Windows
    Synopsys Fpga Synthesis vG-2012.09.SP1 Linux
    Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products vI-2014.03 Windows
    Synopsys FpGA Compiler II v3.8
    Synopsys.FPGA Express.V3.6.1.6817.Winall
    Synopsys Galaxy Constraint Analyzer vH-2013.06 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer 2012.09-SP1 Linux32_64
    Synopsys GENUS 19.11.000 ISR1 Linux
    Synopsys Hercules vB-2008.09-SP5 Linux32_64
    Synphony HLS vD-2009.12
    Synphony HLS vD-2009.12 Linux
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 WinALL
    Synopsys Hsimplus vG-2012.06-SP1 Linux32_64
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 Sparc64
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 SparcOS5
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 SUS32
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 SUS64
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 x86SOL32
    Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 x86SOL64
    Synopsys Hspice vT-2022.06-1 Windows
    Synopsys Hspice vT-2022.06-1 Linux64
    Synopsys HSpice vS-2021.09 Windows
    Synopsys Hspice vS-2021.09 Linux64
    Synopsys HSPICE vP-2019.06-SP1-1 Windows
    Synopsys Hspice vR-2020.12.SP1.Linux64
    Synopsys Hspice vK-2015.06.Linux32_64
    Synopsys Hspice.vG-2014.09-2 Linux32_64
    Synopsys Hspice vC-2009.03 SP1 SparcOS5
    Synopsys Hspice vY-2006.09.SP1 Doc
    Synopsys IC Compiler II vT-2022.03 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler II vR-2020.09 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vP-2019.03 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys ICC2 vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler II (ICC2) vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler II vK-2015.06 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler vP-2019.03 SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys IC Compiler vH-2013.03 Linux32_64
    Synopsys.IC Validator.vQ-2019.12.SP2.Linux.64
    Synopsys ICworkbench Icwbev Plus vO-2018.06-SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys IC WorkBench
    Synopsys Ident vC-2009.06 SP2 Win32
    Synopsys Ident vC-2009.06 SP2 Linux
    Synopsys Identify vT-2022.09 SP1 Windows
    Synopsys Identify vT-2022.09 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Identify vN-2018.03 SP1 Windows & Linux
    Synopsys Identify vL-2016.03-SP1 Windows & Linux
    Synopsys Identify vH-2012.12 Win32
    Synopsys Identify vH-2012.12 Linux 2DD
    Synopsys Power Fault IDDQ(idq) vK-2015.06 Linux64
    Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP3 Linux
    Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
    Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
    Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
    Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
    Synopsys Innovator v2009.12 SP1 Win32
    Synopsys ISE TCAD v10.0 Linux
    Synopsys Jupiter vY-2006.06 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys.Jupiterxt vZ-2007.03 SP10 Linux
    Synopsys Leda vI-2014.03 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys LEDA vH-2013.03 Linux
    Synopsys LEDA vB-2008.06 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys Lib Compiler vT-2022.03 Linux64
    Synopsys Lib Compiler vR-2020.09 SP3 Linux64
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 Linux
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 Sparc64
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 SparcOS5
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32
    Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64
    Synopsys NCX vE-2010.12 SP3 Linux64
    Synopsys Magellan vB-2008.09 Linux
    Synopsys Magellan vB-2008.09 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys Memory Compiler r2p0 Linux
    Synopsys Siliconsmart vO-2018.09 Linux64
    Synopsys SiliconSmart vL-2016.03 Linux32_64
    Synopsys MW vS-2021.06 SP2 Linux64
    Synopsys Milkway(MW) vL-2016.03 SP1 Linux64
    Synopsys Milkyway vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
    Synopsys Milkyway vG-2012.06 SP3 Linux32_64
    Synopsys NanoSim tool vC-2009.06 Linux
    Synopsys NanoSim tool vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys MVtools vH-2013.06 Linux32_64
    Synopsys Ncx vB-2008.12 Linux
    Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2010.03 LinuxAMD64
    Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 SparcOS5

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