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    Please make it a little easier to earn Awaken Jades. Right now the only way to get awaken jades for free is to keep earning the golden beers from loot hunts and buying 1 awaken jade for 2000 beers. Currently, leveling genesis heroes is a HUGE pain as awaken jades are one of the main materials to awaken/upgrade heroes in genesis. The other way to get awaken jades is to buy the points pack for real money and to redeem awaken jades through the epic points. As a free-to-play player, I find it extremely hard to maintain AND level Genesis heroes in this state. I need 20 awaken jades to upgrade my Genesis Sunna to 3 stars, and after doing calculations, I need approximately 160 normal loot scrolls to earn 1 single awaken jade.To put it into perspective, I would need a staggering 3200 normal loot scrolls if I wanted to go from 0 to 20 awaken jades. I spend so many expedition refresh tickets every day and almost all my chicken legs to purposely find normal loot scrolls. Please make the genesis leveling system better, as earning awaken jades as a free-to-play player is nearly impossible right now.

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