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August 17 – Maintenance! Update!

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    Dear players!

    On August 17 at 03:30 (server time), all servers will be shut down due to maintenance!

    The approximate duration is 4 hours.

    Please consider this information when planning your gaming activity!


    • New game mode [Holy Swords] released! Unlocks 7 days after Server Opening and upon players reaching Lv.540. Upgrade Holy Swords to gain tons of attributes. Equip Holy Swords with Sword Equipment to activate Holy Sword Formations.
    • New game mode [Reincarnation Illusion] released! Unlocks at Lv.540. There are a total of 7 bosses in Reincarnation Illusion, resetting weekly. Defeat all bosses to claim the weekly Reincarnation Chest.
    • Increased the maximum stack amount for Angel’s Divine Origin, Perfusion Stone and Condor Flame.
    • Decreased the refresh time for Boss Lair and World Bosses.
    • Added new Dismantle Appearance feature in the Material Dismantling interface in [Craft], unlocks at Lv.120!
    • Fixed some item text display errors.
    • Fixed some interface display errors.

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