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    The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

    Here are the contents of this update:

    1. New Features

    • Added New Feature “World Map Emoji”, Royal Lords and Ladies will be able to express your emotion above your castle and your marching troops.
    • Added New Feature “City Affairs”, every lord that achieved Castle Level 25 can now quickly complete some of the features by the button left corner.

    2. Improvements

    • Added “Hospital” entrance in main UI, makes healing more convenient when royal lords are on the map.
    • Special Packs has been divided into different categories, helps royal lords faster to find a pack of specific needs.
    • Improved interaction on the Monthly Card screen. Claiming and Purchase actions will no longer close the window.
    • Marching Animation will now work in the Army of the Dead Event, Champion City Siege, and Alliance Conquest Event.
    • Slightly increased drop rate of the Dragon Baits from Dragon Hunt Event.
    • Improved the way events in Activity Calendar were displayed. The preview will now correctly display the rewards of the specific event.
    • Improved some other game experience and GUI.

    3. Bug Fixed

    • Fixed the issue that Rally Flags didn’t display correctly on map.
    • Fixed the issue that some of the Legendary Dragon Skills bonus wasn’t displayed correctly in battle reports.
    • Fixed the issue that pop-up message about “incorrect troop type” received after sending troops in the rally.
    • Fixed the issue that the window of “excess amount of speed-up items was used” pops out when using specific items.
    • Fixed the issue that the Hospital Treatment Speed Increase item cannot be activated.
    • Fixed the display issue that Rebel Groups seems to require 900 endurance to fight.
    • Fixed some other minor bugs.

    GoT Winter is Coming Team.

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