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Adult Advertising Networks for Unleashing Your Creativity

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    Though trends and fashions change over time, there is always a need for high-quality adult advertising networkshttps://www.7searchppc.com/adult-site-advertisement-network.
    You don’t need a Ph.D. in social sciences to realize that adult thrills are always in high demand, regardless of the circumstances. A wise advertiser will seize the opportunity to run their ads here.

    The demand for adult content is rising as more people have access to the Internet. So, although many marketers are advertising here, newbies still have a chance.
    In this post, I’ll talk about adult ad networks that are either extremely well-liked at the moment or expanding quickly. This distinction is important because, like everything else in life, adult marketing is going through some changes, which I also discuss.
    A vertical like any other…
    …apart from the main actors’ intense focus.

    In reality, no more than five platforms control the lion’s share of the adult market. There are hundreds of adult niche websites, of course, but they remain just that—niches.
    Major platforms have acquired one or more major players in the adult ad network space, serving as an excellent illustration of this.

    Sometimes, one player (adult platform) partners with several ad networks to provide various platforms with unique placements.
    This is more of an exception than a generalization, though, according to which each ad network uses a particular set of platforms.
    This article from Zeropark does a good job of summarising some vertical-specific techniques. If you’d like more information regarding any particular angles or the

    Adult advertising in 2024
    Marketers will be pleased to hear that growth in the adult entertainment industry is predicted to continue through 2024. The market value of the adult gaming industry is predicted to double between 2022 and 2032, giving marketers who are still interested in entering the market a reason to feel secure. Yes, a few stable players control a sizable chunk of the market. But since the market is expanding, there ought to be no trouble for new entrants.
    And what factors drive the growth?
    User-generated content
    The prediction that the adult entertainment industry will continue to grow through 2024 will be welcome news to marketers. It is anticipated that the market value of the adult gaming industry will double between 2022 and 2032, providing comfort to marketers who are still considering entering the market. Indeed, several enduring actors control a significant chunk of the market. However, since the market is growing, there shouldn’t be any issues for newcomers.

    Toys & sex dolls
    The abundance of online videos in the adult video market makes it difficult for newcomers to succeed. Still, there’s one area where advancements are particularly noticeable: sex dolls. The possibilities for adult advertising are growing, whether it’s dressing up as sex dolls or even filming videos with them
    Virtual Reality
    Since adult content was not available on Betamax, a less expensive option, VHS probably had an advantage over Betamax in the war of videotape formats. The adult market also helped some new technologies become mainstream.

    VR has long been primarily used by gamers and other tech enthusiasts, so this kind of content could finally give it the momentum it needs. The general public should have greater access to virtual reality (VR) as the cost of electronics is predicted to decrease. This will lead to the creation of new virtual reality advertising spaces for adult offers, as well as opportunities to promote VR content.

    Tracking of adult traffic
    With the prevalence of display ad formats, tracking is more important than ever in this vertical. After all, growing up is all about big numbers.

    To use the data stream to inform any evidence-based decisions, it must be captured and examined. Because they don’t invest in database technology or reporting engines to make them truly useful, most adult ad networks on this list have rudimentary tracking and reporting systems.

    If you don’t have adult tracking software, you won’t be able to determine how much you have gained or lost. If you would like to investigate further, though, which you really ought to cover your advertising costs, you are out of luck.
    Make many repetitive tasks and your bidding strategies automatic so that your campaigns will continue to run smoothly even when you are not using the computer.
    Best adult tracking software
    Ad tracking software must fulfill the following requirements:

    Its database must be strong enough to withstand high traffic volumes.
    It must support various cost models (CPM, CPA, rev-share) and ad formats (video, display, push, and native).
    To facilitate in-depth data analysis, it should provide adaptable reporting options.
    Finally, it should include a feature that allows tracked users’ IP data to be anonymized to comply with privacy-related laws like the GDPR.
    Our selections for the top adult ad-tracking software are as follows:

    1.7Search PPC
    7Search is an excellent tracker that works well for both mainstream and niche advertisers. It is compatible with all of the ad networks on this list, and it has deep integration through API connections with a few of them. As a result, 7Search PPC can take center stage in your digital marketing campaign.

    With its robust reporting engine, IP anonymization feature, automated A/B testing mechanism, and rule-based pathways, Voluum offers comprehensive yet user-friendly data analysis capabilities. At a certain point in time, Voluum proves to be an invaluable resource for aspirational marketers.

    Because of API integration, 7search PPC can retrieve cost data from ad networks that do not permit the transmission of this data using a conventional cost token. Other than that, Voluum’s interface allows you to manage your campaigns within these ad networks.

    Not enough yet? You may design rules with 7Search PPC Automizer that will initiate certain actions—like pausing or continuing a campaign or source, generating alerts, modifying your bidding, employing dayparting, designating placements with significant icons, and more—when certain conditions are satisfied.
    2. Redtrack
    Redtrack is a good adult ad tracker that provides the majority of the features you would anticipate. Any traffic you throw at it, it can handle it. The breadth of features it provides is where it falters. The drill-down analysis is not supported by the reporting engine, rule-based paths cannot be used for unique clicks (unique visit metrics are available), and many advanced features (such as shared reports and postbacks without click ID) are not available.

    3. ThriveTracker
    You get every feature you would anticipate from an ad tracker if you choose ThriveTracker. If you find that simple campaign tracking is sufficient, Thrive might be a good choice. In contrast to Voluum, you lose access to the potent automation module, which can truly change the game. Everything needs to be managed manually, which is acceptable if you only manage a few campaigns at once.

    The state of the industry
    One would think that the adult industry would benefit from the worldwide lockdown. From a short-term standpoint, yes. Longer term, rising consumption along with a dearth of fresh content (adult movie stars are likewise imprisoned in their homes) could mean that by 2020, every adult video will have been viewed, rewatched, discussed, and then forgotten.
    This is a significant issue for platforms because of their distinctive business model, which is predicated on providing the majority of the content for free. And then, implicitly, for the sponsors.


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