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    About Soldiers

    There are four types of soldiers for a hero to lead. They are Spearman, Shieldman, Bowman and Horseman. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The general should study his enemy and use the troops wisely.


    Weaponed with a two-hand spear; Normal speed; Good at close combat. A phalanx of Spearmen is definitely the nightmare of Horsemen. Spearmen deal more damage to Horsemen. They are fragile under the attack of Bowmen’s Arrow Shower.


    Weaponed with blade and shield; Good at close combat. Low speed due to carrying the heavy shield. Shieldmen can efficiently block Bowmen’s arrows so that they take less damage from distance attack. However, it’s hard for them to defend the charge from Horsemen.


    Weaponed with a bow or a crossbow; Normal speed; Good at ranged combat. Bowmen can deal more damage to Spearmen. The phalanx is useless to defend a ranged attack. On the contrary, Bowmen can hardly pierce the shield of a Shieldman.


    Mobile unity mounting a horse, sometimes a camel or an elephant. The charge of Horsemen can take down any heavy defense. They can deal more damage to Shieldmen. But they will be troubled if charging into a phalanx of Spearmen.

    With the upgrade of the military buildings, the soldiers will get strengthened. Their appearance will also change.

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